PowerPoint Karaoke and Orange Shoes

For my presentation to the Kijiji Ambassadors, all successful bloggers, I was rushing to get the slides done until 5 minutes before I needed to present. Only 45 minutes to talk over the slides, but I still wasn’t sure my story line fitted. Another session of PowerPoint Karaoke. Just click the button and see what turns up on the screen.

imageMaking sure my presentation was somewhat successful, I pulled an old trick out of my sleeve; distraction. Although I did think the presentation was of value for the people in the room, my Orange shoes got enough attention that I know it was worth it to putting these on in the morning.

A number of the Bloggers present in the room tweeted about the Orange shoes, which was great to see that not only the content was received well, but also my slightly European sense of fashion got some airtime.

Some examples of the tweets:

From KijijiUS

Our visitors are big fans of @eBay SEO expert @TheNextCorner and his orange shoes! #kijiji

From AndrewRossi

Great seminar on seo from @thenextcorner. Even better shoes: http://yfrog.com/5ohepxj #kijiji

From Linseyk

Love the orange shoes. RT @ebayinkblog: @TheNextCorner present to the #kijiji Classifieds Committee on SEO. The man knows his stuff.

And apparently, the bloggers in the room liked my slides and the fact I spent the Sunday night building a deck focused on specific next steps for them. Two more Tweets I’m sharing here which talk to the fact that the eBay speakers all prepared well:

From Littletechgirl

RT @TheNextCorner: Now on TheNextCorner Doing SEO class for Mommy Bloggers http://twurl.nl/04hhfk (He is AWESOME!!)

From Onceamonthmom

I LOVE that @ebay speakers did their homework. It is CLEAR that even the speakers have read/researched our blogs. #kijiji

Once again, it was my honor to present to you all. Your sites ROCK, and I only would like I could get a little bid more time building my own sites like you all have done already. Keep up the good work!

Picture taken by Andrew Rossi at: Yfrog

Update: More Tweets and pictures rolling in...

From SuellenGermani

Loved the SEO presentation by eBay's @thenextcorner today. Fun orange shoes too! http://tweetphoto.com/15450396 #kijiji

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