Infographic: iPad exports from US

For the last couple of weeks I have been working on a story around the iPad exports through sales on  With the story picked up by The New York Times and Gizmodo. I sent the following post to my buddies of The Next Web as a guest post. In the past i've done some guest posts before, but never for a large tech blog like

With Apple selling more that 1 million iPads just in the US, we were wondering how many have been sold on the global eBay marketplace to buyers not located in the US. Essentially we are talking about free market forces that are at work, determining the price of an iPad on the global marketplace through matching demand and supply.

Currently, there are a large number of iPads for sale: iPad 16GB, iPad 32GB and the iPad 64GB


The World is Flat

Of all the iPads sold in the first two weeks on eBay, the majority went to buyers outside of the US. Just 35% of the iPads sold on eBay in the first two weeks, were sold domestically. The low percentage of domestic sales probably has got to do with the fact Apple did a great job keeping all the stores fully stocked. There have not been widely reported shortages for iPads across the US. In the past, any shortages in products have always been a reason of increased sales on eBay of the product!

The Brits imported the most iPads, where 550 iPads were imported. Of the top 20 importers of iPads, the small city state of Singapore imported 77 iPads in the first two weeks.

Premiums Paid for iPad

From the data, we can see who is more prepared to pull their wallet to buy an iPad.

Buyers from the United Arab Emirates were prepared to buy the 64GB iPad model at a premium of more than $500 over the normal retail price.

The announcement of the delay in International Launch of the iPad had a shock effect on the demand on the iPads sold on the US eBay website. Number of iPads sold to International countries jumped. The price for an iPad on  April 14th skyrocketed for buyers outside of the US.

Some of the commenter's on Gizmodo actually did sell some iPads internationally at a profit:


Picked up two 64 GB ipads at launch, flipped one on UK e-bay immediately (only 2 other ipads were for sale on at the time).
I wound up making $100 and a free ipad ($1500)... timing is everything


Sold mine to someone in Spain and made enough profit to upgrade from the 16gb to the 32gb 3G model. Gotta love the ebay

International launch of the iPad

For the International launch of the iPad, we will be keeping a close eye on the numbers. What the data from the first two weeks tells us, is that the iPad is going to be a big success in the European countries.

By that time, we will keep you posted with an update to these numbers.

Update: AppAdvice has  a great overview on the International prices for the ipad at launch.

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iPads currently for sale on eBay

iPad Changes My Kids Future Tech Perception


I still have my old Commodore 64 somewhere. The old home computer on which I played so many games. I unfortunately never learned how to code anything on that old little machine. I might have been in a whole different place right now if I did start. I guess I was too impatient at the time. I’ve always been in need for speed. And even the commands “Load, Press Play On Tape” were almost too much, as it followed with 4-5 minutes of loading a game using a tape recorder.

But one thing stuck with me since the Commodore 64; computers are changing the world. And because I grew up with the tapes in computers, old floppy drive and later the Zip drives, my perception of technology is shaped based on these paradigms.

i-can-haz-ipadNow that I have my iPad, there is something fundamentally changing I know for sure my kids will grow up in a different world. A world where we are always connected, a world with apps, either free through advertisement or paid, and a world with touch screens.

I got the iPad as a gift from my wife, and she can tell that I’m very happy with it. I never interrupt one of her favorite TV programs anymore, I make her hot chocolate when she asks me to, and I’m more quite than before. All because I’m busy enjoying my iPad…

Things that I’m missing on the iPad:

  • Flash, as some websites are just not usable. But I guess Steve J. has its reasons…
  • Build in webcam; for easy Skype video chats. But I guess the AT&T contract for iPhone prevents the iPad to become a fully functional calling device
  • USB port, so I can hook up my flash SD camera card for faster uploading of my pictures

I’m sure there will be more things I miss on the iPad, the more I use it. But for now, the iPad is my new favorite toy!

BTW> most iPads on eBay these days are being sold to buyers outside of the US at a ~$150 mark up over retail. Still a chance of making a profit!

Foto Commodore credit: Shaniber, from Flickr, under CC2.0

iPad Search Explosion on eBay

After having played with the iPad myself, after I got one as a present from my wife, I’m totally hooked. What an awesome machine. It appears there are more people around the world who want to play with the newest gadget toy, as Edible Apple is reporting. Read more on Techmeme here. People from around the world are bidding on iPads on the US eBay site. 

The iPad is the latest and greatest from Apple, and for the time being, it’s only available in the US. But come on, folks, the international iPad rollout is just a few weeks away. So why in the world are some people paying as much as $5,000 to have an iPad shipped to their corner of the world? One customer from the U.K reportedly spent $5,500 for a spankin’ new iPad.

This triggered me to look at the number of searches placed on for the keyword “iPad”. Obviously you can see three important surges of search traffic of people looking for the product:

  1. Apple’s announcement of the iPad January 27
  2. Apple’s announcement of the launch date of the iPad March 12
  3. The actual day the Apple iPad went on sale in the Apple stores April 3


In the marketplace economic theory, Demand and Supply will always be equal in the perfect marketplace. However, as the iPad is not available yet in other countries but the US, the demand for the item oversees pushes the price up on the US based iPad marketplace.

From Wikipedia:

Supply and demand are always equal as they are the two sides of the same set of transactions, and discussions of "imbalances" are a muddled and indirect way of referring to price. However, in an unmeasurable qualitative sense, demand for an item (such as goods or services) refers to the market pressure from people trying to buy it. They will "bid" money for the item, while sellers offer the item for money. When the bid matches the offer, a transaction can easily occur.

Makes perfect sense right…


So get your Apple iPad from your local Apple store right now, and list the item on eBay for shipping worldwide, and capitalize on the opportunity. You can list 8 iPads per week! (Announcements).

German iPad

You know how much Germans love David Hasselhoff. They should change their national anthem to: I’ve been looking for Freedom”.

So when my German colleague got an iPad this morning through the mail, we were all so surprised the iPad came with a pre-installed David Hasselhoff background. The book: Don’t Hassel The Hoff was a give away included in the package…