Sao Paulo Street Art Graffiti

While walking on the streets of Sao Paulo, I’ve seen some wonderful street art in the form of graffiti. I was unfortunately not always able to make pictures of the graffiti, but it’s worth it to keep looking around while walking/driving on the streets of Sao Paulo.


In between the wonderful graffiti, you can find the gang marks on every building. Especially the abandoned buildings in Sao Paulo are full of  strange looking marks, where the building almost falls apart.


Roy Lichtenstein Style Graffiti for Hair Salon

How do you draw attention to a hair salon that is situated lower than the road where everybody passes? Right, a large graffiti on the side of the building! Check out this Graffiti in the style of the well known artist Roy Lichtenstein. The woman in the Graffiti says: “Oh, Jan, your hair is wonderful


This picture is taken in Delft, The Netherlands.