Patriotic: Doodle Dutch Style

 image In so many countries, Google is having local Doodles. Also the case in my home country; The Netherlands. School kids of high schools could sent in a Doodle with the subject: "My Holland". The winner would be featured on the homepage for 24 hours, which was today.

I'm proud of this Doodle, as it contains elements which represents Holland. If I think of Holland, this Doodle can represent the thought.

Luckily, there are no Doodles submitted with Weed leaves or Red lights around it, which most people associate Holland with, which is just wrong in so many ways.

Here is the lucky final winner!!! All other information and submissions can be found here:


Other finalist that I liked are:






Even this one I like. Why? Because it's out of the box thinking...


Hell, maybe I just create one which will show the coffeeshop culture in the redlight district. As long as I don't get sued for it, it's all fun!

Universal Search Real Estate

The Universal Search roll out on Google is taking its toll on one of my rankings. On ranking for a keyword like San Francisco can bring you quite some traffic when the time is there for people to do their summer vacation research.

I used to rank pretty well, #3/4 for the keyword San Francisco, but now days it's getting harder and harder to squeeze a good ranking out of your site. Reason: Google Universal Search onramp.

In the image below you can see the real estate taken up by Google Universal Search. WOW.


My site fell all the way down to the second half of the page, below the fold. It's still #5, and #2 real Dutch site in the results set, but still... What are all those pictures doing there?

I better get my site higher up there before January or February, when the information phase for the summer holiday starts...

Chrome pushed through YouTube

On all the Techblogs you can read that Google Chrome came out of Beta today. And on that same day, Mr. G is already pushing the new browser through their properties.


Google Chrome



Chrome in Gmail


Although this is a link to the announcement on the Chrome Blog. Off course the blogs has as objective to drive downloads of the new Google browser.

And apparently Google is also buying space on other networks: Spotted by Aaron Wall

Soon, Google will have an even larger network, where they control the traffic flow of The Internets, and will store all your data...

Double Universal Block on Google SERP’s

Today I noticed a double block of links to Blog & Book search below the 10 results on a SERP for Search Engine optimization.

Here is the full page:


With the Blog & Book Search highlighted above and in more detail below here:


This is quite some extra real estate taken up by the two universal search blocks.

Oh, and BTW, did you happen to see the NEWS in the middle :)

Ban Adsense and Google on Nov 4, NO on Prop 8

Disabling Adsense on November 4th, election day, would that open Google's eyes?

Saying No on proposition 8, donating money for the campaign against hate, but on the other side taking the money from the side who wants to ban same sex marriage, that's just WRONG!

What happened to the Don't Be Evil mantra?

What would happen if all Google Adsense publishers remove the Ads for at least one day, November 4th? What would happen with Google's stock price and Quarterly profit if all of us ban Google for just one day?

Notice the comments on Block This Way

Talen said

You've broken trust with your publishers over this prop 8 ad issue and although Google gave 140k to the vote no on prop 8 I'm betting you've taken in millions in ad revenue for the vote yes on prop 8.

Johloh said

way to get on the news by 'donating' money to no on probably already had the yes on 8 money set up.

you've completely broken my trust, and I (as well as many others) are now shopping for another company to provide advertisements.

terrible move google. fire whoever made that choice.

Humuhumu said

My filter works better than yours: I've removed Google AdSense from my sites. I'm speechless. I cannot believe that my own sites were used to push that kind of hate. I'm disgusted, and surprised, and disappointed.

I'm against proposition 8!