Barcode The Next Corner

As you can see below, Google is celebrating the invention of the barcode today.

Doodle barcode

That made me wonder how the barcode for The Next Corner would look like. Clicking on one of the top results in the search results for Barcode, I could make one for any word with the generator.

The Next Corner Barcode:

The Next Corner Barcode

Dennis Goedegebuure Barcode:

Dennis Goedegebuure Barcode

San Francisco Barcode:

San Francisco Barcode

Patriotic: Doodle Dutch Style

 image In so many countries, Google is having local Doodles. Also the case in my home country; The Netherlands. School kids of high schools could sent in a Doodle with the subject: "My Holland". The winner would be featured on the homepage for 24 hours, which was today.

I'm proud of this Doodle, as it contains elements which represents Holland. If I think of Holland, this Doodle can represent the thought.

Luckily, there are no Doodles submitted with Weed leaves or Red lights around it, which most people associate Holland with, which is just wrong in so many ways.

Here is the lucky final winner!!! All other information and submissions can be found here:


Other finalist that I liked are:






Even this one I like. Why? Because it's out of the box thinking...


Hell, maybe I just create one which will show the coffeeshop culture in the redlight district. As long as I don't get sued for it, it's all fun!