Where is the Wireless Switch on a Dell Latitude E6410

Do you know where the Wireless Switch on the Dell Latitude E6410 is? Can you find the little switch that makes the build in wifi in your Dell Laptop un-usable? It seems Dell has learned its lesson to some extend, as they actually have placed the wireless switch in plain sight on the side of the laptop of the Latitude E6410 model.

Wireless Switch on the Dell Latitude E6410

I wrote about the Wireless Switch on the Dell Latitude E4300, after I got a new laptop. The little switch was hidden on the side. And although I felt like an idiot finding the switch was accidentally turned off, I was not the only one with the problem! Up to today, there are 42 comments from people who also had the problem finding the Wireless Switch on their Dell Laptop.

Hopefully the owners of the Latitude E6410 model do not have that same problem, if they do, they can just look at the picture on this page. The Wireless Switch is the little switch right above the earplug connector!

Where is the Wireless Switch on a Dell Latitude E4300

After 3 years of struggling with a Dell Latitude E410, I finally got a new laptop assigned. And it’s a speedy one, at least love at first sight. I wonder how long this will stay… My new puppy is a Dell Latitude E4300, as displayed below.

This one has a dual core from intel inside.. joking word game. What did you thought, the processor would be installed at the outside..? In any case I’m going to be double productive from now on!

I wonder how fast I will ruin this computer that it uses all of its memory. So far the graphs look pretty ok!

Yesterday I got a small panic attack, when the wifi of the new puppy didn’t seem to work. The message was saying I needed to check if the Wireless Switch was turned ON . I could feel the my face turning white. As I didn’t have a manual for the Latitude E4300, I wasn’t sure where to find the Wireless Switch. I’ve been looking for the information online, but I couldn’t find any website which could tell me how to turn the Wireless Switch of a Dell Latitude E4300 OFF or ON

Dell Latitude E4300 Wireless Switch

So for everybody with the same problem, here comes the solution, on the Dell Latitude E4300, the wireless switch is located on the right side of the laptop, just under the only USB port of the machine. See picture of the Wireless Switch below:

Dell Latitude E4300 Wireless Switch

Damnit, what am I supposed to do with only ONE USB port…? What are they thinking at Dell these days?

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