Climate Change Awareness

Do you know what is going on with our climate? Where I live it has been the hottest summer in years. Right now, October 15th, it’s still very warm. In other laces of the world it’s colder than normal. Our climate is changing, we should be aware of the impact we have on the world we are living on.

Today on Blog Action Day,  a large number of blogs are writing a piece about Climate Change. All with the objective to make people aware of the changes that are happening in our climate. Read more about Blog Action Day here, and participate by writing a blog post. You still have a couple of hours!

Climate Change Awareness

I stumbled upon the site blogactionday, through the GlobalVoicesOnline project. On October 15, Blogactionday is organizing a global awareness campaign for the third time. This year the topic is global awareness of climate change.

So on October 15, the bloggers that have submitted their participation, will write about their experience and view on climate change. This needs to encourage people to think about the climate changes that are being seen around the world, build awareness for the climate change, and hopefully have people make different decisions.

Thousands of bloggers already registered as participants. Collectively they reach millions of readers. Off course there will be double counting. This means free publicity for a good cause which is very important.

I joined the blogactionday movement, so you can expect to see my view and experience on climate change here on October 15th. Join in on the Blog Action Day, subscribe your blog here.