Top Chumby Widget I Would Use

I love my chumby, but there are not that many widgets available yet. If I browse through the widgets on, I sometimes get disappointed. Where are all those smart widget developers? Right, developing applications for the iPhone, Facebook or Android.

It won't be until Chumby is going mainstream, more widgets will become available.

My Top widgets I would like to see developed are:

  1. Techmeme Chumby Widget. All day, tech stories break on Techmeme. Keeping track of the most popular Techmeme sources would be great through my Chumby. Currently big names as Techcrunch and GigaOm already have a Chumby widget. No Techmeme widget exist yet.
  2. Sphinn Chumby Widget. The SEO community's own DIGG style news site. Breaking stories in the SEO world can be followed through Sphinn. If somebody would develop a Sphinn widget, we can all follow the Sphinn stories on our Chumby.
  3. Twistori Chumby widget. is an interesting project. It follows Tweets made on Twitter on 6 different words: Love; Hate; Think; Believe; Feel and Wish. On Twistori the collective feelings of the Twitter world are displayed in an interactive way. You can watch for hours to see what people are writting. A Chumby widget would make this available for all on our Chumby.

As I'm not an application developer, I call on all who can do this to develop these highly needed Chumby widgets :)