Fantastic Chinese Food

The food is fantastic. If we are going to a Dim Sum place, eat dumplings, Cantonese food or whatever. Food is a big thing for the Chinese and they usually order a great number of different dishes which are all shared around the table. The diner is a social event, where you can really talk with the people. How different than in the US, where sometimes you are in and out a restaurant in barely 25 minutes.

Dumplings. These were especially good in this restaurant. It won several awards, and I had never had such good Dim Sum.


Fish-head soup


Deep fried fish, tasty…


Cold chicken dish in red sauce. It looks hot and spicy, but was mild and very good.


Ultra hot dish. Shrimps with vegetables in red hot peppers. You are not supposed to eat the peppers, as you will be on fire!