Porn, Pills & Poker on The Interwebs

Just over 1 year ago, I decided to re-launch my original idea of The Next Corner TV. The idea of a TNC TV channel was build on my photography hobby and my idea of posting time-lapse video’s of photo series I have made. However, I underestimated  the time needed to a) shoot the pictures needed for a time lapse b) the time needed for post processing

In September 2008, I decided to re-launch the site, as the English sister site of my 3+ years old Dutch blog: (sorry, site is in Dutch). After some stupid mistakes loosing some of my early content, I finally got traction in the new year.

PPP; Porn Pills & Poker, the Golden Triangle

After spending 2-3 hours on Google Street View, making screenshots when street view launched in Amsterdam, I got a major surge in traffic on the post “Redlight District Amsterdam on Google Street View”. The post was fully intended as link bait, and it succeeded somewhat in that getting links from some major sites.

The link from Valleywag thought me one important thing about the way the Internet works, and I always keep this in the back of my mind… Links are not only good for SEO, links can drive considerable amounts of visitors.  Below here you can see the amount of visitors coming from just one link on Valleywag:


Image shows pageviews on post; Redlight District Amsterdam on Google Street View

The result of having multiple links from authoritive sites linking to this Red light District post, has made it rank pretty well if you look for directions in Amsterdam around the Red light district. Mister Google is sending a decent amount of visits to the page on a number of keywords which are primarily focused on the Red Light District in Amsterdam. using the advanced segments in Google Analytics I can drill down into what of the search engine traffic has been coming to this one past over the last couple of months.


Image shows visits on Tnenextcorner & on post; Redlight District Amsterdam on Google Street View coming through search engines

Blue is total search engine traffic, orange is search engine traffic going to my Amsterdam red light post. 

Not a One Night Stand

After the success of the first Google street view prostitute voyeurism post, I took the opportunity to replicate success when Street View launched in a number of other Dutch cities which have a red light district. And although this post did not get the incoming links and traffic from other sites, it does get a decent amount of traffic from the search engines.


Image shows visits on Tnenextcorner & on post; Redlight District Amsterdam on Google Street View & What If You Were Snapped On Street View Walking The Red Light District coming through search engines 

Above you see Search engine traffic driven to The Next Corner,  with the blue line as total search engine traffic, green the Amsterdam red light post, orange the second Google street view red light district post, where the red arrow is indicating traffic from the second post is contributing to the total search engine traffic.

Sex Sells

These two posts contribute to a large extend to the total traffic on my blog. And although I got some quality links from sites in the field I’m working in to other posts, these two post still dominate in driving traffic. We can simply conclude: SEX SELLS!

Now I will have to find out about the other two, Pills & Poker… Maybe my visit to Amsterdam end of February, beginning of March will give me enough inspiration to get some good content out on these two…