Redlight District Amsterdam on Google Street View

Google Street view went live in The Netherlands this week. Across The Netherlands bloggers are in search of juicy pictures. While The Netherlands is well known for the paintings of Van Gogh, windmills, cheese and flowers, the country also is well know for the Red Light District.

Update: Now that Google Street View went live in other cities in The Netherlands, the hunt for more screen shots of the Red Light District is on.

8 Amsterdam Street View pictures Google didn't want you to see

Google did a good job in keeping these streets of the map for the drivers. See below the map of the area around the red light district in Amsterdam, with the street view in blue, and the Red Light district streets in... well Red!


The Red streets are not available for Street least that's what Google thinks! Still you can find some interesting shots of the Red Light District in Amsterdam on the Google Street View. Although these street views are available, Google is rushing to blur as many as possible, so some of these won't be available anymore by the time you read this.

Furthermore, you would have to know where the Red Light District has its borders to the non-Red Light District streets. You can only know as a native of Amsterdam! As I have lived for 12 years in Amsterdam, and worked in a cafe next to one of the canals that make up the Red Light District, I pretty much know where it starts and ends!

Now, come on, show me what you've got!

I animated some of these to showcase what is happening. In most of the screenshots the address is readable, so you can go look for it yourself. As Street View is not real time, you won't see what is actually happening right now! I can tell you that the pictures are made during the summer, as the weather is beautiful, people walking around in T-shirts, and there are Orange flags hanging everywhere. The Orange flags indicate that the Google car was passing these scenes during the Euro-cup last year.

Walking past the most kinky alley in the Red Light District

And looking in if there is something he likes...


Is there something for sale here..?

Enter a Sexshop with DVD cabins

Always wanted to visit a SexShop in Amsterdam. Just make sure you are not walking in when the Google Street View is passing by. I'm sure those movies in the DVD cabin are also available on the paid movie channel in your hotel!

Walking in Sexshop


Checking out how this chick grabs her ass

Wow, did she just grabbed her ass...?


Checking out the Ladies, while being spied on

This guy is checking out the ladies behind the window, but guess what, he is been spied on from above...


And then he walks off...



Every schoolboys dream

And for schoolboys there is nothing more exciting than to sneak out the classroom and start to walk over the streets in the Red Light District with your friends...



Sweeping the streets is a tough job, but somebody got to do it!

Hey, shouldn't those street sweepers be working? Instead these guys are enjoying the view on a quite Tuesday morning. No cars parked on the street means there is a lot of street to sweep. I bet they spend a couple of hours to make this the cleanest looking street in Amsterdam...


All those windows these guys are staring at, are "The Windows"...!!!

Gotcha by the Google Mobile

And then last but not least, you can almost imagine these guys thinking...

Hey, Isn't that the Google Street View car? Am I being photographed?


Update: In Groningen the searchers for ladies behind the windows have been more successful than in Amsterdam.

Windows Red Light District Groningen

Windows Red Light District Groningen