Surf the Internet in 3D

Would you like to surf the Internet of 2020? Now you can!

Check this out:

3D Computer Setup

Original source: 3D-Stahl-Display

The system on the photos above is made with two 22'' flat screen displays providing 1680x1050 pixels of resolution. This self constructed and self made model is for sale in this auction only without screens. The special optical half mirror plane is new too.

How it works?

The 3d driver flipped in realtime the right image on the top display horizontal so that you see the correct back flipped image on the special coated 50% mirror.  On the back-screen you see the normal left image through the half mirror. Because of image separation via classical linear polarizing 3D technique you get an impressive perfect 3D image in your brain with fantastic Stereo3D quality !!!

For 1,777.- EUR this mounting could be yours!