Sunday Smoothie 7: Apple, Orange, Strawberry and Mint

Back to the berries today. As strawberries are still being sold in large amounts on the farmers market, we bought 3 boxes again today.


Going with the strawberries, I used oranges, apples, mint and yogurt for this Sunday Smoothie.



  • Apple; fresh apples help cleanse the system, lower blood cholesterol levels, keep blood sugar level up and aid digestion. Apples help to eliminate toxins in the system. Apples contain vitamins A and some vitamins B and C. Apples also are high in two important phytochemicals: pectin and boron.
  • Orange; all citrus fruits are high in vitamin C and limonene, which is thought to inhibit breast cancer. Oranges in particular can be good for improving mental functions, as they are a good source of choline.
  • Strawberry; strawberry can be effective against kidney stones, rheumatism and arthritis. Next to this, strawberries are also used in cleansing juices and as a mild tonic for the liver. This fruit is high in cancer fighting ellagic acid and vitamin C. Strawberries not only contain vitamin C, but also vitamin A and potassium and some iron.
  • Mint; although mint is now days used a lot in tea, you can perfectly give your smoothie an extra bite by using a couple of leaves of mint in it. Mint can help to treat stomach ache or chest pain. Mint also helps digestion in a way that it breaks down the fats. Because if this, mint is sometimes recommended for treatment of obesity. Fresh mint leaves need to be used immediately, or stored in a plastic bag for just a couple of days in the refrigerator.
  • Yogurt; yogurt can restore and maintain the normal microbial balance in the intestinal tract. For smoothies you can use it to give the drink a somewhat different taste than just mixed fruit. A thick and creamy yogurt can give your thin smoothie more body.

For the Yogurt I always use the organic low fat yogurt from the Trader Joe’s.


Another healthy Sunday Smoothie.