StumbleUpon Breaks Traffic record on my Site

Did I already told you how I like StumbleUpon? I’m not only using it, and liking it, to discover new great sites and content. I also get great number of visitors through StumbleUpon to some of my websites. And lately I’ve experienced first hand that StumbleUpon is on Fire. I have a theory about the new popularity of StumbleUpon, you can read more below.

But first, my Poetry website broke new records in the number of visitors in one months for the months of January.

 StumbleUpon for Poetry

I found myself spending and stumbling a lot of time on my iPad using the StumbleUpon App. You can quickly stumble from site to site, and find a lot of new content which you can easily share either through your twitter account, or through email with your friends. This is why I think StumbleUpon is really taking off and sends massive amounts of traffic to great content.

I’m almost at 3,000 sites stumbled, and have discovered more than 500 new webpages. Just 2 years ago I passed the mark of 1,000 sites stumbled. At the end of this year that number will probably be much higher if I keep Stumbling each day a couple of minutes…