Steve McNair Spam

With every trending keyword in Google Search Trends comes the Spam. Just check out the following spam in the title, tags and the first paragraph on the following blog:

The title is full with the most popular keywords around Steve McNair:

Steve Mcnair Dead - Michelle Mcnair - Steve Mcnair wife Michelle - Michelle Cartwright - Steve Mcnair - Steve Mcnair Died - Steve Mcnair wife - Steve Mcnair Shot - Steve Dead - Steve Mcnair’s wife Michelle - Steve Mcnair wife Michelle Mcnair - US Mechelle Cartwright

That is something what I call Keyword Spamming!


And then the Tag section:


Who needs 24 different tags for a story. Clearly these tags are intended to increase the keyword density for Steve McNair on the page.

Will this become the new trend in Spamming? Target the trending keywords on Google Trends & Twitter, to get more traffic to some spammy website full with Ads…