Spam Comments – Do You See Comments About Pills

A couple of days ago, my buddy Hugo wrote about the comments spam on blog and how this works from a spammer perspective. Just days after this post, my inbox is overflowing with comments full with spammy links, trying to sell pills for any kind of disease. Even if you have no-follow tags on any link dropped in the comments, and Akismet is trying to prevent spammers writing comments on your blog, there are still automated comments placed left and right. Below you see 4 comments which were placed within the time-span of just 2 hours!

And these comments are not pretty, as you can see from the screenshot below. (click on the image for a larger picture)

Still, it's pretty easy to delete all these comments through the WordPress Admin panel.
spam comments deleted


  1. Daniel says:

    And why you don’t just use Akismet?