Snoop Dogg Went from Rhyme Pusher to Brand Pusher

While rocking on the tunes of Snoop Dogg's Gin and Juice on Spotify, I'm seeing the traffic rolling in on Airbnb's special created SXSW The Park pages. At the moment, Snoop Dogg is making it's appearance on The Park, as he designed one of the special Airbnb pop-up listings as part of the SXSW event this week.
Check out this short video of Snoop chatting about the design of his Pop-up house, which was shared on Snoop's Google+ account, where he has more than 7M followers.

Couple of awesome quotes:

If you're doing the SnoopDogg, your mind has to go through different stages and changes… I can send a blank room, but the room would have to change colors just cause I walked in.

SnoopDogg is a collage, he ain't that, he's all of that...

And here is an Instagram picture of Snoop, getting his mail.

From Rhyme Pusher to Brand Pusher

For years Snoop has been pushing Rhymes to make his cash, now he pushes brands and their campaigns through his social media channels. And with a large followers army on all social media channels, I bet he is racking up the money through the different campaigns.

Marketeers will get their money worth, as Instagram pictures are being tweeted, video's being shared on Google+, and more messages are pushed through the Facebook page.

Here is a tweet for the special event Snoop is doing in The Airbnb Park:

Social media has proven to be a new money machine for celebrities. However, these people have more influence than just pushing a campaign. Check out how Shaquille O’Neal has a well thought out social media strategy;

When asked about his social media strategy, Shaq parsed out his surefire approach to maximum social success. 60 percent of his posts “will make you laugh,” 30 percent are there “to inspire,” and ten percent of his posts are “to sell stuff.”

Winning Strategy

So, to become a big money making machine on social, you first need to get famous about something, after which you could do similar endorsements. And some people just become famous because of their social media...

I'm actually happy it's not me. You..?