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Everybody who knows me a little knows I'm a data junkie and a Technology news addict. I love to dig into data, referrals for websites, and pull all this data into excel spreadsheets to see patterns, make sense of trends and find hidden gems in the data to learn what makes a website popular for the visitors. See my one of my last posts on how Slashdot got a lot of extra traffic based on top search rankings on keywords. One of the reasons for me joining Geeknet, was that I would get inside information on what stories do well on Slashdot, not only from a comments perspective, but more from a traffic point of view.

Slash Stats AKA Hall of Fame

I'm very happy that we just rolled out the Slash Stats pages last week, so I can keep track of the most popular stories on Slashdot on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. And not only the stories are highlighted based on a number of activity metrics, we also added the people who submitted the most stories or comments. You could brand these pages as a leaderboard, but we like to call it the Hall of Fame!

Slashdot Hall of Fame for statistics on popular stories on SlashdotFind the Slashdot Stats here:

Check Your Own Slashdot Statistics

Even better, when you have a Slashdot account, and you can log in, you can see your own statistics on Slashdot as well, where your recently submitted stories and comments. This way you can clearly track how much you are contributing to the discussions and the value to the overall community. More competitive folks can track how many comments they would need to break into the top commenters for that week.

Happy Hunting...

Slashdot popular statistics on stories and comments, also your own leaderboard when you are logged in