Sex Map Seeker

10 years ago, as a single guy, thinking going on a holiday, I whished I had this site available: I Just Made Love. is a mashup of user generated content and Google maps, where the users just report if they DID IT!

Here is a screenshot of the last month…


Now, the application is still pretty new, so it could be the case that the folks in Brazil found out about at first, and they massively report on their sexual activity. Another theory is; to keep the reputation of the Brazilian high as hot tempered people, they might be massively reporting their humps falsely. Conspiracy theory working here.

The low numbers in China might be a sign the site is blocked by the great wall of China. What else might they be doing? It’s not for nothing there are 1.3 billion Chinese..!


  1. Bas says:

    Lol :). The only problem here Dennis, for singles that is, that they’re late, the potential partner had already done it 😉

    1. Dennis says:

      You are completely right Bas.
      But still, the map gives a good proxy of where to go.
      Although you should question the fact that people are running to get online to report back on their lovemaking.