Scanning Old Pictures

Four years ago, when I left The Netherlands to move to the US, I hardly took any time to sufficiently clean up all my old mess. In just two weeks I moved the majority of my stuff onto a boat to be shipped for the US. I left a bunch of old stuff in the attic of my apartment in Amsterdam. Between the garbage, collectible records and old 80’s clothes were all my old pictures. Over the last couple of weeks, when I was spending my vacation in The Netherlands, I finally got the chance of cleaning up the attic. I also got the chance of taking my pictures and the negatives with me to the US. With my new Canon CanoScan 9000F, I can scan all negatives directly on highest resolution onto my computer.

One of the old collectible pieces of paper I found was a picture from the now almost bankrupt Dutch newspaper: “Het Parool”. Here you see one of my best friends Brian and me, taking designer Marina Prokopiva on our shoulders just after she presented her fall- & winter collection. Brian and I had walked in the fashion show, where we had more fun than being serious.

Dennis & Brian in Parool - Marina Prokopiva fashion show