Recession Bagels

It's Wednesday, Bagel Day! Happy Bagel Wednesday!

A couple of weeks ago, our company changed the bagel supplier. They changed from Noah's Bagels to some other bagel baker. And while the quantity increased, some people think the quality of the bagels is lower. I personally think it's still great we get bagels every Wednesday, which allows me to have a breakfast in the morning!

One comment we all had to laugh very hard about was that somebody called these Recession Bagels.



  1. archshrk says:

    My office used to have Bagel and Donut Fridays but that ended a while ago. Then came the layoffs and now the pay cuts. I’ll know the recession is over when the donuts come back.

    1. Dennis says:

      Yeah, all nice perks that were intended to attract talent are taken away these days. I wonder how long it will take for the nice secondary benefits to come back.