Bring Back The Eighties

Do you remember the Eighties? I guess you have to be born at least in the early seventies to actually remember what I will be talking about here. I guess you can pick up all the cues if you have been a fan of old eighties movies like The Breakfast Club, Porky’s or Ghostbusters. If you are born in the early eighties, I guess you will be up for a revival one day of the good old days of my childhood. All trends repeat itself, which is why I never throw away cloths. One day my old jackets and pants will come into fashion again. As long as I don’t wear these when they are out of fashion, LOL!

 breakfastclub ghostbusters

Apart of all the memories of the TV shows, the fashion and the crazy outfits, just remember the jackets with the big shoulders! One thing always comes into mind when thinking back at the eighties; The Hair! Feathered Hair for the women was THE way to go out! The taller the hair the better.

And as I already said earlier in the post, we are up for a revival of the tall hair. Today I saw a commercial of a women's hair product; Bumpits, Big Happy Hair. Just watch the video… (if you can sit out the whole 8.31 minutes, I respect you).

According to their website;

Watch out HSN and The Big Idea, Here we come! This perfect hair volumizing insert began to exist in my mind 13 years ago as I dreamed it up.....let me start at the beginning... Ever since I was three years old I wanted to do hair and make women feel pretty, In 1994 I had a small beauty shop of my own. I loved to style ladies hair....and discovered I was very good at the "Bumping it up" part!

Ladies of all ages came into my salon and asked the same thing after I teased (Bumped) their hair in the crown....."Show me how to do it?" I would show them time after time, but usually I was met with the same statements of frustration "I cant get the volume!" " I can't do it like that", or "It doesn't stay when I do it!"

One day I created a solution... an easy to use hidden leave in volumizing insert... "Bumpits"! But I did not act on it until May, 2007.

Yes, we are back where we begun, the big feathered hair will be back in style soon… Just compare the two images below, and find the differences… (hint, one is from 20 years ago!)


Top 11 Why You Should Work Over Christmas!

Silicon Valley tech companies are closing down over the holiday season!

This is the headline from a Financial times article (free subscription needed) last weekend. Some workers of big IT companies are forced to take paid time off, or unpaid time if they have used up their precious 10 days of holidays already.

Workers at some of Silicon Valley?s biggest companies will find themselves spending an uncommonly long time with their families this Christmas as the technology industry responds to the downturn with office and factory closures and enforced holidays.

Hewlett-Packard, Cisco Systems, Advanced Micro Devices, Texas Instruments, Dell, Adobe and CSC are among the tech industry heavyweights to be taking a break, with some closed from December 22 until January 5.

Coming from Europe, I think it is already unbelievable to have only 10 days of holidays a year. How can you ever cope with that! (Luckily I have 20, standard 15, with an extra day for every year you have been within the company maximum of 20).

In spite of the enforced leisure, workers will be hit directly by the closures, with most required to use up part of their holiday entitlement or, if they do not have the days to spare, take unpaid leave.

Given that many US workers receive only 10 days of vacation a year, the effect will be biggest there, although most of the companies to close say they will be halting operations worldwide.

Most people don't like working during the holiday season. I believe it is one of those times you just get shit done, so I probably will be putting in hard slave labor these day, starting today!

This morning the parking lot looked empty, more empty than ever. I guess it won't fill up today either, as a lot of people take some time off to unwind and refresh their energy levels. Normally this parking lot is packed!

Parkinglot Xmas holidays

Disclaimer: picture was taken at 8.30! this only added to cover my sorry ass!

The top reasons why you should go to work during Christmas holiday:

  1. You actually get a lot of work done. As more people are out than in, the office is going to be empty. Not a lot of meetings are planned, Not a lot of emails are send around and I won't receive all those time consuming telephone calls.
  2. Easy decision making. When a lot of people are out of office, this will make decision making much easier. Less people to consult with. And if you really need to consult their bosses, just send them an email with a deadline on the decision you propose. No answer will imply they agree.
  3. Christmas parties in the office. As not a lot of people are keeping the lights on, you have a feeling you are all in it together. With all  those bottles of wine and champagne laying around you got from your business partners, you can throw a good office party almost everyday! These are the only days on which it is practically socially acceptable you crack a beer open at 12 pm, of go out for 2 hour lunches.
  4. You can actually find a parking spot. Normally the parking lot above in the picture is packed. the lot is filling up quite fast right after 9. And if you come back from off campus lunch, you are screwed! Now, during the holidays, it won't be a problem to find a good spot close to the door. So park your car as if you are a VIP, next to the main entrance of the building you are working in.
  5. No morning or evening commute traffic. Since nobody is going to work, there will be nobody on the roads. The 280 San Francisco - South Bay is practically empty.
  6. Avoid the (in-) laws or family. Do you have family flying in? Escaping to the office because you have some important work to finish might be the best way to avoid the long days filled with conversations how much the family misses you.
  7. Save you PTO for Summer holiday. If you only have 10 days to spend on PTO, why the hell would you spend these days during the Xmas holidays, when flights are most expensive, hotels in ski or sunny locations are packed with screaming kids and you actually don't get time to rest because of all the long Xmas.
  8. 2008 & 2009 look back- / Forward posts dominate the blogosphere. It's the time to read all the look back and forward looking posts about the past and coming year. All big sites will post lists of what to expect the coming year. Always good reads and plan accordingly.
  9. Safe money not spending time shopping or in coffee shops. While working in the office, you don't have time to spend all that money on nothing if you were walking through the city. Let's face it, boring free Xmas days are most of the time spend walking through shopping streets, spending money on that ugly Christmas sweater you really don't need and drinking too expensive coffees at Starbucks.
  10. Maybe you don't believe in Christmas. Thinking about my colleagues in China, they probably will be working during the Christmas days. Chinese New Year is their holiday to take off. Maybe you don't believe in Christmas and don't want to spend the time on it.
  11. Confiscate all those partner gifts that are sent to your colleagues. Have you seen the stack of champagne bottles at the desk of those hard working sales guys. They get all the dough at the end of the year from their partners. Cases of wine, bottles of champagne and boxes full of Belgian chocolate. Too bad they are not there to get these packages and take home. You might as well enjoy all these gifts, as they probably will go over their expiration dates before the new year 😉

Bonus reason: Show off to your manager you are committed to the objectives. Let's face it, even if you don't like it, brown nosing IS a way of survival in this economy. If you are not getting ahead of the competition, that means your fellow co-workers who are kicking it at the Christmas dinner table, your head might be on the chopping block the next time pink slips are handed out. Just read the Catbert's HR manifesto in your cube over the holidays and you'll have all the ammunition to make it in 2009! 

The days around Christmas holidays are the best days to be in the office. Why would you not want to work on these days!!!

What are your reasons to work during the holidays?

Matterhorn on Zurich Airport

When moving from terminal to terminal on the Zurich airport, you can take the underground train. While waiting, you will hear sounds through the AP system, cow bells ringing and the lovely sounds as if you are walking through the Swiss mountains.

At this moment, you will have to look through the window, as you will be happily surprised with a lovely view. Check it out... It's the Matterhorn...

Although not the highest mountain in Switzerland, the Matterhorn is considered as an iconic emblem of the region of the Swiss Alps. The mountain overlooks the town of Zermatt in the canton of Valais on the north and Cervinia in the Aosta Valley on the south.

The Matterhorn (German), Cervino (Italian) or Cervin (French), is a mountain in the Pennine Alps. With its 4,478 metres (14,692 ft) high summit, lying on the border between Switzerland and Italy, it is one of the highest peaks in the Alps[2] and its 1,200 metres (3,937 ft) north face is one of the great north faces of the Alps.

Sausage Fest

Normally you would not want a Sausage Fest to find you on your way. It usually means something completely different than a great plate filled with sausages.

But not here in Zurich.


Flight Security Procedures

When you fly a lot, you get used to all the security procedures handing off your luggage, entering the boarding area, boarding into a plain and take of or landing. Today I experienced a whole new security procedure regarding the security of the airplane itself.

On the day of a trip to Zurich over London, I got an email from British Airways that my flight was delayed. The BA286 from San Francisco to London was delayed even more than 3 hours. This is uncommon. I later learned that there was a passenger in London who got sick, and had to un-board the aircraft. Normal security procedures are that the luggage of the person needs to be removed from the plane as well.

While I was waiting for my connecting flight in London, boarded and in the seatbelts, the captain informed all the passengers that the take off would be delayed, as the airplane was damaged while loading the luggage of all the passengers. It should only take 5-10 minutes he said!

After 15 minutes the captain came back to us, informing all the passengers, that because of the the plane was damaged, the police needed to be informed and take photo's of the damage. Also, the police needed to be present when the damage was being fixed. Although there was just a small strip on the airplane damaged, you cannot be too careful with these things!

Now that was not the end of it all. There was also a small computer problem, which did not allow the plane to fly in clouded skies. Back to the gate, and hopefully a fix would be possible. after it was fix, my second new security procedure was revealed: when a plane is departing from a gate, even if it's the second time within a short period with the same passengers on board, they still have to show the security/ emergency video again. The flight attendants were pointing out the nearest emergency exits for the second time within 2 hours!

Nice to see these guys take their job this serious...

Avatar Speech

I just started to experiment with Avatar Speech, say it through your Avatar.

With the current elections going on, I've been changing my Avatar off and on. But I think the latest one is really worth it to share. I cannot believe California is voting Yes on proposition 8. California is voting against gay marriage. California is voting against equal rights of gay people.

Yes on Prop 8

Brings a lot of Hate


Kids Espresso


What would happen if a kid gets an espresso...?