Fisheye pictures

I recently got a new toy, a new Fisheye lens of the minimal 4.5mm! The pictures you can make are just amazing. You even have to be careful not to get your own feet into the shots, while you make the photo. I bought the Sigma 4.5mm f/2.8 Fisheye lens for Canon.

Here are some shots I recently made with this lens:


Palmtrees Fisheye

Having Pizza for Lunch

Pizza for lunch


I’m sure I will have a lot of fun with this lens in the future. As soon as you get sick of the round pictures, just drop me an email… :)

All pictures taken with a Canon Rebel XT, with a Sigma 4.5 mm Fisheye lens.

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Roses close up

After the Macro pictures of the flowers I posted a couple of weeks ago, I recently took new Macro pictures from some roses I bought for my wife when she returned from The Netherlands. I keep finding it difficult to get the whole subject sharp in the picture, but maybe that is the purpose of Macro lenses…

Flower Close Ups

Today, just after a small shower, I took my camera to Dolores Park in San Francisco to make some Macro Photo's of the fresh flowers in the park. I didn't make that many, because there was quite some wind which made it difficult to focus on the moving flowers in the breeze.

A couple of the shots were ok, not brilliant, but ok enough to publish here. Some of these still show some of the water on the flower.

Water on Orange Flower

Flower Macro photo

Flower Macro photo

Waterdrops on Purple Flower

Flower Macro photo

White Flowers Close up

De pictures are available on Flickr under Creative Commons. Please drop me a message when you would like to use one of these pictures.

Bay Meadows last day

Today was the last days for horse races at Bay Meadows in San Mateo. The oldest horse race track in California decided they were not going to invest into the new security measures for horses and jockey's.

A rich history of horse races is ending.

Flying Newspaper

In the movie American Beauty Jane and Ricky bond over camcorder footage of a plastic bag "dancing" in the wind, which Ricky considers the most beautiful thing he has ever recorded.

Yesterday I saw this newspaper blown by the wind, picked up and flying at Dolores Park in San Francisco. I made some shots of the newspaper flying in the air, blown by the wind, thinking about putting these together in a short movie.

Made with:

Date: May 8 2008

Makes me remember the scene from American Beauty...