Sunset – Fall Colors in October

It’s October, which means you can shoot wonderful sunset pictures and work on these to get some nice color in the sunset through post processing. Here are just two of my last shots which I made on Friday October 1st, bottom picture, and today October 2nd, the top picture. The top one is made with my Canon 5D with a 16-35mm ultra wide angle lens, the second one is made with my Canon Powershot SX210 IS.

 Zonsondergang met kleur. Fire in the Sky

Picture details: Exposure: 0.008 Sec (1/125); Aperture: F/5.6; Focal length: 35mm; ISO speed: 400

Picture details: Exposure: 0.002 Sec (1/500); Aperture: F/3.1; Focal length: 5mm; ISO speed: 400

Grasshopper Macro Close Ups

Tonight I got the chance of shooting some macro pictures of a Grasshopper sitting on our kitchen window. I needed to shoot the pictures with a flash because I had no time to set up a tripod as I was afraid the grasshopper would fly away. Last time, I was too late, so I didn’t want to loose this opportunity. Although last time when the grasshopper flew away, the little insect was about 3 times bigger than this little fellow, with Macro you can still get good shots and makes the grasshopper look big! Especially if you post process the image, and crop to a much better focus on the subject.

grasshopper on window macro 100mm

Picture made by Dennis Goedegebuure with a Canon 5d, 100mm Macro lens. Exposure 1/60, Aperture f/4.0 Focal length 100mm, ISO speed: 400, with flash

grasshopper smiling in window macro 100mm

Picture made by Dennis Goedegebuure with a Canon 5d, 100mm Macro lens. Exposure 1/60, Aperture f/4.0 Focal length 100mm, ISO speed: 400, with flash

Just look at how the little grasshopper is smiling at himself in the window…

grasshopper smiling macro

More pictures can be found on my Flickr photo stream

Scanning Old Pictures

Four years ago, when I left The Netherlands to move to the US, I hardly took any time to sufficiently clean up all my old mess. In just two weeks I moved the majority of my stuff onto a boat to be shipped for the US. I left a bunch of old stuff in the attic of my apartment in Amsterdam. Between the garbage, collectible records and old 80’s clothes were all my old pictures. Over the last couple of weeks, when I was spending my vacation in The Netherlands, I finally got the chance of cleaning up the attic. I also got the chance of taking my pictures and the negatives with me to the US. With my new Canon CanoScan 9000F, I can scan all negatives directly on highest resolution onto my computer.

One of the old collectible pieces of paper I found was a picture from the now almost bankrupt Dutch newspaper: “Het Parool”. Here you see one of my best friends Brian and me, taking designer Marina Prokopiva on our shoulders just after she presented her fall- & winter collection. Brian and I had walked in the fashion show, where we had more fun than being serious.

Dennis & Brian in Parool - Marina Prokopiva fashion show

Bee Close Up Photo’s

Last weekend I checked the lavender plants in front of our house. It was a busy come and go of the bees collecting honey. Dozens of worker bees were flying between the purple flowers to suck the nectar out of the flowers. I decided it was time for me to try to make some close up shots with my Macro lens. Check out my Bee Close up pictures.

All of the pictures below are made with the Canon 5D 12.8 mega pixels, and the Canon 100m F2.8 Macro lens. Anybody who would like to reprint these pictures, or use these commercially, please use the contact form to write me.






Little Men in Macro

Playing with my camera and macro lens, I just saw a great object to take some experimental photo’s off, the two little happy men.

men in macro

The above picture was taken with a Canon 5D, and a Canon 100mm f2.8 USM Macro lens.

This is how I was when I was little

At a visit to my grandmother, I saw a little picture of myself. I took a photo of it with my macro lens.

Self portrait

It’s a self portrait… sort off.

Mavericks Surfing Half Moon Bay 2010

Early morning on a Saturday I woke up to go to Mavericks Surf contest in Half Moon Bay. It was supposed to become a beautiful day with big waves rolling in on the beach. At around 7 we arrived at Half Moon Bay, just in time to get the sunrise over the bay. Check out these shots:



Too bad so many people got injured because of some wave decided to hit the beach where around 13 people were injured while trying to catch a view from the surfing. Read more:

The epic surf turned into a bone-crushing experience at the Mavericks Surf Contest Saturday as spectators got smacked by the massive swells. Two huge waves swept away fans watching the competition around 9 a.m., causing broken bones and other injuries to people standing on a seawall.

While the drama was playing out on the beach, luckily we had made the right choice of watching the event from the cliff. My first thoughts were that I could make better pictures from the cliffs, and now I’m sure I have better pictures made from the cliffs, as I probably would have been washed away from the beach. Plenty of people were trying to take a good shot from the cliffs, where the rising sun made their silhouettes great picture material.


One thing I know for sure, next time I’m going to rent that big 600 mm lens, as my 70-200 mm was not enough to get close. The bigger, the better for these long distances.


I only have one shot where I can see a surfer taking a turn on a wave. Here it is, can you spot the little puppet on the giant wave?


And wave after wave came rolling in, one bigger than the other.



It was a good day for me to get some more experience on what I can do with my camera. I took some more shots in and around Half Moon Bay while we were walking back. Next year, if there is a Mavericks Surfing contest, I will be there again on the cliffs. Then with a big fat 600mm lens!


Photographer; Clean Your Lens

Sometimes you whished you had checked the photograph before you ate the subject! In the case I’m going to describe you, it does not matter too much, as I can easily get more sushi for new photo’s. But if you don’t check your photo’s, you can be in for a surprise!

Tonight I got a bunch of fresh Sushi. And I didn’t only ate it, I took some really nice close up Macro shots from the Sashimi and the rolls. If only I had made sure my lens was lean prior to the snapping of multiple shots, I would have gotten some nice pictures of the raw fish.

Let this be a lesson for me! Always check your gear prior to your shooting. I’m ashamed already that there was a little hair on my lens. Who doesn’t keep their gear clean!!!

Here is one of the pictures of the sushi with the hair on the left side. Can you spot it…?


Winnie The Pooh Burning Candle

I tried to make a time lapse series of a burning Winnie The Pooh candle we had. However, I failed to set the lens on manual focus, so not all pictures are zoomed in at the same sharpness or focal length.


We did not find any matches for your request.

The picture has been made with a Canon 5D, and a 100 mm Macro lens. The specifics of the picture are:

  • Exposure 0.3
  • Aperture: f/2.8
  • Focal length: 100 mm
  • Iso speed: 100

So next time, if I want to make a time lapse of an object in the dark, using longer shutter time, I will set the lens on manual.

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Photoshop Tricks

I just got some really nice action scripts for in my Photoshop to play around with. These action scripts make it really easy to manipulate pictures and give these an interesting effect.

Here is an original picture of a flower I made with my Macro lens;

With the impressionism action script the picture of the flower becomes  a nice painting;

A night shot I took from San Francisco has been a great subject to perform a couple action scripts on:

San Francisco at night in Sepia;

San Francisco at night in HDR; 

San Francisco at night in Old; 

San Francisco at night in impressionism;  

I will be experimenting more in the future, especially as I have some special lenses to make more trick pictures.