Picture of Dutch government meeting ends up on Twitter

Dutch minister of foreign affairs got into trouble for posting a picture taken during an ministerial meeting.  Maxime Verhagen posted the picture of a secret meeting on Twitpic.

picture of secret meeting

Above is the picture of the secret meeting Verhagen made in the Trêveszaal

The Prime Minister, J.P. Balkenende, of The Netherlands was obviously not happy with the fact one of his ministers posted the picture for the public to see. JP officially warned Verhagen not to do this ever again!

He responded on Twitter by posting a picture of his working room:


You can follow Maxime Verhagen here: @MaximeVerhagen (in Dutch)


  1. […] This is not the first time a Dutch politician has run afoul for spending too much time tweeting. Earlier this year, Dutch finance minister Jan Kees de Jager received a parliamentary rebuke for over-tweeting and the house leader had previously criticized members of parliament for using twitter during debates. In 2009, then-minister of foreign affairs got in trouble for posting an image of a secret government meeting on Twitpic. […]