Linkbaiting is about People

smart though from a master Linkbaiter: Lyndon:


A thought happened whilst at SMX London. Websites don't link to websites, people link to website, or even, people link to people

So network, en find those people that are willing to link to you. You don't have to become friends, just show them that you care, and be genuine. This way you build connections, and you can count on your friends to return the favor of linking to you, the same way as you have linked to them.

Sometimes Internet Marketing is just the same as in the real world.

From Seth Godin's book The Dip , page 10-11:

Being at the top matters because there's room at the top for only a few. Scarcity makes being at the top worth something.....

.... If I want a hernia doctor, I want the doctor who is best because she's recommended by my friends or colleagues...

Why should I link to somebody. Why would I link to your article and not to somebody else's? Two reasons:

  1. I link to you because I somewhat know you, and what you write fits in my interest field
  2. I link to you because you are the absolute best in your field, and I want to become connected to you

How do you persuade people to link to you? And tell me why I should link to you...?