Party City Customer Parking Only

Every Sunday I go to the Farmers Market at Kooser Road, at Meridian Ave in San Jose. It’s a popular destination for those who like to shop for organic fruit and vegetables.

Since the market is taking up a decent amount of parking spots, I’m sure the stores around the parking see some sort of impact, as parking gets more difficult during the Sunday shopping. However, there might be more potential customers walking by their stores in the way to the market.

I took below picture this morning, as I’ve been asking myself if the store in question actually can do this from a pure legal point of view. What if I park my car in these spots, which are reserved for only 15 minute parking. What if the security man is telling me to move the car, as the parking spots are for Party City customers only.

party city san jose customer parking only

Don’t I pay taxes of which these parking spots are being maintained? Can a store just reserve these spots during the Sunday Farmer’s Market?


  1. Thos003 says:

    Actually I would have to check with my dad, architect, but I believe on private property the parking lots are maintained by the owners. Hence, you can’t get a speeding ticket in a parking lot… or so I’ve been told.