Parking Tickets San Francisco Style


Everybody hates it, getting a parking ticket. And yes, I hate it too! Last week, when I had to take the family out for a short while, and intended to WFH, Work From Home, I totally missed the window for the street cleaning. Monday morning, I thought street cleaning was from 9-11! But nope, it was from 11-2. And I ignored to look at the signs as I was over confident that I was right to park there. And boy was I happy to have the parking place. Normally the street is packed with cars from other neighborhoods, now I could find a parking spot just in front of my house, sweet!

Paying your ticket in San Francisco is quite easy. Coming from Europe I have always been surprised that people still pay with checks here in the US. But I've never seen a smooth payment system for parking tickets in The Netherlands, as I've seen here in San Francisco. And trust me, I've had more parking tickets than I would have wanted!

First of all, you can easily check if you have gotten a parking ticket at the SFgov site. Just type in your license plate and you will see all the open tickets that you still need to pay for your car.


The overview gives you the full list of all the open citation tickets you still have to pay.


The total will give you the overview the amount of money you will be down. Always painful, but better pay off these tickets, as the amount will go up if you don't pay!


Unfortunately you cannot pay with Paypal, but paying with the Paypal plugin is a possibility as you will be able to pay with credit card.  The whole process only takes a couple of minutes, maybe not even two!


And just print out the confirmation, and you are ready again.  


Sweet processing & payment process. Not so sweet that I'm $50 down again!


  1. ParkingLady says:

    Imagine a world where you no longer had to pay for parking tickets because you always have a spot??! Crazy thought I know but that’s precisely what is trying to help drivers do – find affordable, convenient parking options to suit their needs. Currently the site offers monthly parking but stay tuned – hourly and daily parking coming soon!!

  2. ParkingLady says:

    SOrry – forgot to include the link! That’s precisely what is trying to do!!

  3. Dennis says:


    I would love to imagine a world without parking Tickets.
    How fast are you expanding your services to San Francisco?
    I unfortunately saw only two parking spots available in San Francisco so far.