Moustache Grooming Fun

Just one more day to get as many donations as possible for Movember 2009. We did alright, collecting $365 so far, but we can still hit the higher numbers in just one day. So if you read this, get your credit card out of your wallet, or use your Paypal account, and donate at least $1 for Cancer research. It will benefit men’s health in general! Donate here!

Growing a Beard

Today we had a lot of fun grooming my beard to a nice looking moustache. I had the full beard growing for at least 3 weeks, so it was pretty tough to get the hair off my cheeks. Here are some shots just before grooming.


Just after a week, it started to itch really bad. At that point I had to go beyond myself to not start shaving every morning. After another week, it was ok. No itching anymore, but only if you touched your face a lot, your skin would start to burn from the hairs pointing into it.


Some people in the office had trouble recognizing me with the shorter hair and the beard at the same time. I will make it up going back to my old look after November 30th. As long as people will donate to our cause!

Moustache Grooming Fun

I finally got around trying my hair clipper I bought on eBay. It was tough to go through the long facial hair which had grown over the last 3.5 weeks on my cheeks. But at the same time, I started to feel naked in my face… Now I get it why some men keep their beards. It’s nice and comfy warm…


After the grooming, we had a big laugh. I felt like a truck driver, and almost I started to shave the sides of my moustache off. But then I reminded myself, this is for getting as many donations as possible, so shaving it off right now, won’t get more money in.


So please donate some more money! At least I will know I have not done this without any pay off!


I even went out for dinner with this facial hair showing off the ridiculous moustache on my upper lip.



  1. maar10 says:

    wat ongehoord chique, ik ging door het plafond. grote klasse

    1. brian says:

      wat n hairy beast ben je! heel stoer! nu nog n harley, ZZ topper ;-D

  2. kittycat says:

    Grrrauwh….animal… 😉