SEO Seasonal Analytics Like the Ancient Maya’s

Imagine if you can estimate seasonal predictions as the Maya's could! When will Spring begin, when it's time for the harvest as fall starts? The Maya's were so good at math, astrology and architecture, that the pyramids in Chitchen Itza can predict the beginning of spring and fall to the day exact! Every year, I get confronted with the accuracy of the Maya calendar by the way of the recurring seasonal traffic to a post I wrote back in 2008. The post where I describe my visit to the March Equinox in Chichen Itza Mexico.

Like clockwork the traffic returns a couple of days in advance of the date the spectacle is taking place, either March 20/21 or September 22/23.

Recurring traffic for Equinox Chichen Itza twice a year

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With the tools of today, I wonder how good the old ancient Maya's would have been to predict the expected results for the harvest, putting the corn into the ground right after March 21, the sign of the beginning of spring! More important, what can we, the analytics SEO junkies of today, learn from the old ways of predicting the seasonal coming of spring, or in our case, user search behavior!

Sometimes, ancient traditions of predicting the future are not that far of now days profession. Where the Maya's used Pyramids and astrology to secure their future, we use cookies as tracking beacons instead of the stars.

I see a great series in historical research and analytics ahead of me for the coming summer! With the spring starting today, just like the pyramids in Chichen Itza show in the form of a wonderful show of sunlight and the main Pyramid; El Castillo, I found myself a new Summer Project!

If you ever get the chance to visit Chichen Itza during the Equinox, don't hesitate, go!