Snoop Dogg Went from Rhyme Pusher to Brand Pusher

While rocking on the tunes of Snoop Dogg's Gin and Juice on Spotify, I'm seeing the traffic rolling in on Airbnb's special created SXSW The Park pages. At the moment, Snoop Dogg is making it's appearance on The Park, as he designed one of the special Airbnb pop-up listings as part of the SXSW event this week.
Check out this short video of Snoop chatting about the design of his Pop-up house, which was shared on Snoop's Google+ account, where he has more than 7M followers.

Couple of awesome quotes:

If you're doing the SnoopDogg, your mind has to go through different stages and changes… I can send a blank room, but the room would have to change colors just cause I walked in.

SnoopDogg is a collage, he ain't that, he's all of that...

And here is an Instagram picture of Snoop, getting his mail.

From Rhyme Pusher to Brand Pusher

For years Snoop has been pushing Rhymes to make his cash, now he pushes brands and their campaigns through his social media channels. And with a large followers army on all social media channels, I bet he is racking up the money through the different campaigns.

Marketeers will get their money worth, as Instagram pictures are being tweeted, video's being shared on Google+, and more messages are pushed through the Facebook page.

Here is a tweet for the special event Snoop is doing in The Airbnb Park:

Social media has proven to be a new money machine for celebrities. However, these people have more influence than just pushing a campaign. Check out how Shaquille O’Neal has a well thought out social media strategy;

When asked about his social media strategy, Shaq parsed out his surefire approach to maximum social success. 60 percent of his posts “will make you laugh,” 30 percent are there “to inspire,” and ten percent of his posts are “to sell stuff.”

Winning Strategy

So, to become a big money making machine on social, you first need to get famous about something, after which you could do similar endorsements. And some people just become famous because of their social media...

I'm actually happy it's not me. You..?

Failed Customer Service

It seems so simple, delight your customers and you gain a couple of ambassadors for your brand who will try to convince all of their friends to become a costumers for your brand. Still it proofs to be really difficult for so many companies to do the right thing for their costumer. The first step, signing a new customer up, is usually not a problem, however, as soon as the potential client has become a costumer, the great service stops. A badly treated customer can easily become a brand terrorist, especially in the age of the Internet and Social Media!

Bank of America Customer Service Chat

Case in point, which is my inspiration to write this post, is an experience with the Chat function of Bank of America. Simply trying to enroll for online banking, the process failed. Trying to get into a chat conversation with an agent, I was notified that the service was busy and my wait time would be approximately 2 minutes. However, after waiting for around 20 minutes, I finally got an answer I should try to contact BankofAmerica at a different time. I guess they were too busy to answer one of their customers, wasting 20 minutes in the process. Twenty of my minutes..!!! (well, I was multi tasking but still, my problem was still not resolved!)

Bank of America Customer Service chat Fail

Bank of America Customer Service chat Fail

Customer Service Through Twitter

You would think I should take this problem to Twitter, so I tried to look up the official Bank of America Twitter account to blast an unfriendly message from an unhappy customer into the Twitter stream, hoping my problem would be resolved with one snip of the fingers. Not..! Just check the profile, only 5 other accounts being followed, and 0 tweets!

Official Bank of America Twitter Account

Official Bank of America Twitter Account

Seriously, this Twitter account looks like a ghost town, especially as the only 5 other accounts they follow are other Bank of America Twitter accounts:
Bank of America Twitter Accounts

  1. @BofA_TipsWe provide information to help you get the most from your money with tips on shopping, travel and personal finance solutions.
  2. @BofA_Communityprovides information about how Bank of America is empowering consumers, supporting communities & fueling economic growth in the markets we serve
  3. @BofA_HelpWe are official Bank of America Twitter reps, here to help, listen & learn from our customers. Tweet with Bank of America reps 8-8 ET Mon-Fri.
  4. @BofA_CareersBofA_Careers is where you can stay connected to featured job opportunities at Bank of America.
  5. @BofA_NewsWe are the official Twitter news handle for Bank of America Corporation. Providing relevant, up to date information on the company.

It looks like the Bank of America Help Twitter account has six enthusiastic customer service reps on staff for just 12 hours a day. However, my experience with the help through Twitter has not always been that successful. It always starts out great, "hey, we are happy to help you, please follow us, DM your information." But what happens next after that?

I'm sure that the nice 6 people of the BofA_help twitter account work around the 12 hours to help people with their banking problems. Me, I'm walking into a branch tomorrow and will ask the people there to help me.

No more customer service chats for me! Not a happy camper...

Enchanted Marketing

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a call from Guy Kawasaki do something interesting to get something in return. You would need to pose with his book Enchantment
(Affiliate link) on a picture, post this picture on Google+ and Facebook, in which you tag Guy to let him know you were participating in the promotion. In return, you would get a signed by Guy Kawasaki, personalized new cover for the book mailed to you. As I'm always interested in learning new ways to engage large audiences, and off course, as an Apple fan-boy, interested in what next for Guy Kawasaki, a former Apple evangelist.

Get your own signed cover of Enchantment from Guy Kawasaki

My Enchantment picture on FacebookSo, when I saw the announcement online to participate I didn't hesitate! (I believe the announcement was through Twitter but because it was the rare occasion I had gone out for a dinner and drinks at a Saturday night with Alex & Marcus from SEOkotoberfest, so I can't really remember where I spotted the call from Guy!).

I think this is a brilliant move from Guy Kawasaki. He gets free exposure for his book, while the effort to delight people is limited to signing a large number of book covers and having these send to these people. The number of people who have voluntarily signed up to share a picture of them with the book to all of the people they are connected with is priceless. It's not only almost free advertisement for the book, the fact people want to pose with the book on their social network profile is a personal endorsement for the book. You almost cannot get stronger advertisement than that!

I have endorsed Guy's book Enchantment to 649 Facebook fans who follow me on the social network, and to 1,262 people on Google+ who have added e to their circles. There is a little overlap between these two large networks, but still, at a minimum, Guy already got me to share the book and its cover with more than 1,200 people, and have me personally endorse his work. And how much did that cost.....???? No advertising strategy with large TV budgets can compete with the power of personal endorsements. Not even with the slightly fabricated ones when you receive a signed, personalized book cover...

Oh, and before I forget, yes, I received mine! And yes, I would pose with anybodies book and write a blog post about it, IF they would ask for it!

signed Enchantment cover by Guy Kawasaki

Buy the book yourself on Amazon. I can highly recommend it, not only because of the content, but because of the smart story around its advertisement...

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Jello Pudding Face Mood Meter

While working the streets of New York with my camera, looking for fun and interesting stuff to make pictures of, I came across this billboard on the edge of Soho and Chelsea. It is the Jello Pudding Face mood meter. The billboard is showing the mood of America on Twitter by tracking the number of :) vs :( in percentages.
Jello pudding mood billboard

With the billboard comes a special website for the Mood campaign: Jello Pudding Face

We're tracking tweets for the most accurate gauge  of America's mood ever. If the mood gets down, we give away pudding  to fix it.

Jello Pudding Face website

Is America happy? Or sad? It's always been impossible to accurately gauge how America is feeling at any given moment. But now the mood of the country can be measured in real time, thanks to the JELL-O Pudding Face Mood Meter. We monitor Twitter, constantly searching for smiley-face and frowny-face emoticons. Then, we use the results to measure the mood of the nation. Any time it starts to dip, we quickly deploy free pudding to the frowners via Twitter to bring our collective mood right back up again.* And before you know it, all of America is sporting a great big Pudding Face.

This campaign is focussed on making everybody happy in the US, where Jello Pudding apparently makes you smile. I would like to get me one of those happy faces... I just like the interactive billboard hooked up to the Twitter screener of the happy vs sad smilies. Very creative!

Target fine print on prices

Have you ever compared the large package of a product versus the smaller one? The larger is cheaper because of volume discount, right? To wake you up from the dream, let me introduce to you a website that publishes just about that aspect… The price increase for a larger package or other misleading advertising tricks:

As I love to read their examples, I found one myself the other day: at the Target, the large container of Cascade tablets is $12.49 for 60 tablets. The small bag, containing 20 tablets, is $3.99. So for 3 small baggies containing 60 tablets, you would have to pay $11.97. Nice…