LEGO SEO Avatar DennisG by SEOBook

I'm totally amazed and humbled Aaron Wall, of SEOBook, has made a Lego SEO Avatar of me. This is awesome and I instantly changed my Twitter avatar already with the Lego Avatar. Why? Because I love Lego, I can't wait my boy is at an age we can play together and build super structures made out of Lego. But more important, I'm totally grateful of Aaron he took the time and energy to have one made for me. Aaron is one of the smartest people in the SEO industry, and every month when his SEO training Newsletter drops into my Inbox, I instantly stop with whatever I'm doing and scan the topics, learning's and articles I must read.

Here is the Lego Drawing of DennisG SEO! See here all the other Lego Drawings of Google's & SEO's

Dennis Goedegebuure Drawing.

Dennis Goedegebuure graphic by