Launching a Twitter Tool, Be Fast, Be Very Fast…!

The number of applications build on the Twitter platform has exploded the last year. 2007 was a good year, 2008 brought even more developers with creative crazy ideas to develop their tool. If it's crazy, funny or helpful, it's amazing how fast these guys build the stuff. They all try to beat each other to the punch and show off their coding skills. Damn, I wished I had paid attention when God was handing out the brains! I'm full with ideas, but don't know how to code these...

Twitter Authority Search

After a debate that spun off from a blog post of Loic Le Meur, not one, but two applications were developed. Loic asked for a authority based search engine build into Twitter. A couple of big name bloggers are twitters jumped on it, and all hell broke loose, well sort of.

Just one day later (actually 12 hours later), Twitority was launched. The team who coded it must have been working all night long, as they had it launched with warp speed. Two days later Twithority launched, which has a little bid more functionality than Twitority, and is a little faster. Nevertheless, it clearly shows that speed is of essence here, as the first one is getting most of the attention.

Tweetbacks tracks Tweets of your blogpost

Just after two days in response to a Mashable post, Dan Zarella created Tweetbacks. In the Mashable post Rachel Cunliffe made some predictions on how Twitter will change blog design in 2009. The first one was Tweetbacks. "Brilliant idea", Zarella must have thought.  

Today I saw a Tweet flying by which announced the creation of Tweetback. Just two days after the original blog post, Zarrella must have been coding non-stop. Tweetback beta has been launched today, and already gets a lot of buzz.

I'm sure Joost de Valk can make a nice plug-in based on this code!


If you want to build something on Twitter, you better be fast! Or you just will have to keep your idea locked in the big bad ass dark basement and hope nobody is as smart as you to come up with the same idea.