KNOL Means OLD Horse in Dutch

The last week, Google has been quite busy with promoting KNOL. The Wikipedia copy should become THE authority in any field. Unfortunately for Google, KNOL still lacks the deepness of Wikipedia and especially the traffic.

First a contest for writing good quality content for KNOL & Dummies started on Jan 23. Three days later Matt Cutts, a high profile employee from Google, writes about the Four Things You Need To Know About KNOL. These include:

    1. Google Knol does not receive any sort of boost or advantage in Google?s rankings
    2. Knol is doing just fine
    3. The Knol team is not standing still
    4. When you want to write a quick article or put some information on the web, Knol is a great place to do it

Now, this does not happen uncoordinated, especially as you can see a KNOL link on the homepage of today.


Some of the most viewed real estate on the web is being used to persuade people to write content on KNOL, and share the Advertisement revenue with Mr Google.

Oh, and yes, a "KNOL" is an old, almost dead horse in Dutch!


  1. Reminds me of the story with the Mitsubishi “Pajero”. Very popular in Europe, unfortunately it means “wanker”. And who want’s to drive a care with this name :-)

  2. Dennis says:

    Hilarious, do you more of these branding mistakes?