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Can you follow this…

Links shared on Twitter follow up each other so fast, that it is hard to keep up and click on something interesting.

Hummingbird The Next Twitter Scam

imageAnd yes, we are there. Twitter just landed its first one page marketing selling program scam. Hummingbird is offering you the "tools" the big brands are using. For a mere $197 you can purchase this program how to become popular on Twitter, and spam away.

 The producers of this piece of shit claim you can friend a lot of people with the software, and gain influence by building your network.

Through automatically friending people, the software expects all those people to friend you back. And according to the makers, this is how bid brands make millions of dollars!

This is what is claimed:

I took what I had learned and began developing a software program that quickly and easily distilled all of these secrets into a simple, easy to use tool that would literally auto-pilot me to the top of Twitter.

The software makes claim they gained 21.000 followers within 30 days. Just look at the graph below, which should be the Twittercounter graph of their account, compared to another Twitter power user, who invested at least 3 month of their time in building up their Twitter network.


This system must be working, not? 

Get you Business to the top spot:

  1. What's it worth to be able to instantly move tens of thousands of people to your sales? Literally I can tweet a link and get a few hundred hits within the minute.
  2. What's it worth to be able to time-warp past years of network building
    to become a Twitter Elite in a matter of days?
  3. Hummingbird has been sold exclusively for over $2000.00 to top marketers who have begged me to keep this a secret.

So what is the Hummingbird doing? And why is it such a "Success"

    1. Generate thousands of highly targeted followers hands free.
    2. No monthly fees, no recurring costs, unmatched performance.
    3. Free updates and Professional Marketing Resources.

Let's face it, the only person that Hummingbird brings success to is the seller of this "software" program. At $197 per package, you only have to sell a couple of them per week to sit on a beach and let the money roll in.

But this is definitely not sustainable. Hopefully this site will be out of business soon, as I really hate such lame scams.

CNN #1 biggest Twitter Tribe

Barack Obama has lost the #1 position in Twitter followers. Officially CNN Breaking News has the biggest entourage of the Twitter scene; (measured through Twittercounter)


And it’s impressive how fast their posse has grown in the last couple of days. 


Wow, this is really showing how fast Twitter is becoming mainstream. Now almost 380K people follow a traditional media agency, which is just broadcasting breaking news!

Why does this matter?

Gone are the days the early geeky adopters of Twitter are the rockstars on this medium. Make way for the big brands, the people with the deep pockets, and the real celebrities.

People like Robert Scoble, Guy Kawasaki or Leo Laporte were making up the top 3, now you can find them at #75, #71 and #62 respectively. i don’t mean to be disrespectful to these guys, because they still do an awesome job in when it comes to building connections and engaging in the discussions going on on Twitter, Friendfeed and Techmeme. But Twitter breaking into the mainstream means that celebrities like Britney Spears or mainstream media get so much more chance of growing exponentially with all the media attention, that it is becoming a self fulfilling prophecy.

I wonder how we will look back the the times when we were just wet behind our Twitter ears, and still defining how we would use the technology to our advantage. The purpose of Twitter is being redefined every day over and over again, that I suspect nobody can make a clear prediction how the platform will be used in a year from now.

We will see…

TwitterRemote trying out a new widget

I just installed the Twitter remote widget. It's a new widget from the same guys who brought you TwitterCounter. As they describe it:

Put a TwitterRemote on your site and see who visites you. TwitterRemote also gives visitors a chance to easily Tweet your address or reply to you, or chat with other visitors. Installation is really easy! Why not give it a try!Put a TwitterRemote on your site and see who visites you. TwitterRemote also gives visitors a chance to easily Tweet your address or reply to you, or chat with other visitors. Installation is really easy! Why not give it a try!

So drop me a line when you visited this site, the TwitterRemote widget sits in the sidebar!


Twitter Rolodex for Journalists

What a plane crashed in the Hudson river and the famous picture was published on Twitpic, the phone didn't stop ringing for the maker of that picture Janis Krums. All the news agencies were trying to get an interview, and their main source of contacting the maker was through Twitter.

Today another horrible plane crash happened. This time there were casualties in the plane crash of a Turkish Airlines airplane near Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Ansgar John, who I met through blogs and Twitter in The Netherlands, was driving his car and witnessed the plane crash. He jumped out and ran into the field to help people get out of the plane. In my eyes, he is a hero.

Later that day, he put some messages on Twitter, that described what he had experienced.

Saw the plane go down and entered plane to help until emergency services arrived Amsterdam Schiphol crash , lot of back injuries +/- 10 dead

going to take a shower to get rid of blood and mud #schiphol

Quite fast after these Tweets, the # of followers jumped:

Ansgarjohn Twitter follower jump

Ansgarjohn Twitter follower jump

He has been contacted through Twitter by all major news agencies around the world with requests for interviews.

@ansgarjohn Hi, twittering from abc news, london-- would love to hear more about your experience...can we give you a call?

@ansgarjohn CNN International are interesting in talking to you. Please can you contact me.

@ansgarjohn wondered if you might be free to talk to SkyNews about the crash?

"NOS TV live: @ansgarjohn explaining what he saw: 40 people already left the plane when I arrived." from

@ansgarjohn: tonight I will be on Een Vandaag Dutch television #schiphol even got twitter from Al Jazeera

@ansgarjohn can't reach you on the number you gave - we'd be very keen to talk to you at Aljazeera in next 10 mins if you can get back to me

The fact that Ansgar did not stayed at a distance but went into the plane to rescue and help people is amazing. Who knows what you would have done at a situation like that. The plane could have blow up! But Ansgar went in without thinking about himself.

Twitter Becomes The Journalist Rolodex

What is interesting, is that the major news agencies are scanning Twitter to find eye witnesses of major news that just broke. Twitter is fast becoming the new rolodex for every journalist out there.

Twitter is a hard to miss tool for all media. If it comes to breaking news or getting in contact with eyewitnesses for an interview, Twitter is the tool that can help every journalist.

And off course Twitter is the subject in so many news stories right now, even in this one.

Picture of Dutch government meeting ends up on Twitter

Dutch minister of foreign affairs got into trouble for posting a picture taken during an ministerial meeting.  Maxime Verhagen posted the picture of a secret meeting on Twitpic.

picture of secret meeting

Above is the picture of the secret meeting Verhagen made in the Trêveszaal

The Prime Minister, J.P. Balkenende, of The Netherlands was obviously not happy with the fact one of his ministers posted the picture for the public to see. JP officially warned Verhagen not to do this ever again!

He responded on Twitter by posting a picture of his working room:


You can follow Maxime Verhagen here: @MaximeVerhagen (in Dutch)

A Note About Tracking Cookie


Some of the advertisers and Web analytics firms used on this site may place "tracking cookies" on your computer. We are telling you about them right upfront, and we want you to know how to get rid of these tracking cookies if you like. Read more »

The Read more link goes to a page which exactly explains what tracking cookies are

Tracking cookies are small text files that can tell such companies what you are doing online, even though they usually don't record your name or other personably identifiable information. These cookies are used by these companies to try and match ads to a user's interests. They are used all over the Web, but in most cases, their presence is only disclosed deep inside privacy policies.

Or how to delete the cookies;

You can also change the preferences or settings in your Web browser to control cookies. In some cases, you can choose to accept cookies from the primary site, but block them from third parties. In others, you can block cookies from specific advertisers, or clear out all cookies.

The page shows more ways, including software you need to install and... blah blah blah... Really more ways to delete your cookies, check out the page!

What is more interesting, is that the site is letting me know it's the first time I visit Not so right! Did I delete my cookies? Not so right! Do I have software installed that does it? Not so right!

All still not really interesting. But what's more important, is that the site actually tells people to delete their cookies if they don't want to be tracked. A lot of people are going to loose money over that. Cookies are the bread & butter for the affiliate industry. People deleting their cookies, might harm a lot of affiliates with all their efforts wasted. Some cookie lifetimes are set just on 7 days, some programs still pay out within 30 days after the initial click.

Bang, gone!

Thanks All Things Digital!

Twitter something useful; It’s Saturday!

Are we all sure we are using Twitter to provide value in conversations? Sure enough I learned a lot from just reading what other people are saying, or the links they share.

But from the Twitter stats at Twist it looks like we don't have a lot of valuable things to say on Twitter. Almost on any given day of the week, the name of the day is the top word Tweeted on Twitter...


The Tweets range from;


Now, I won't ever bore you with those kind on Tweets, I'm looking to get into a good conversation on Twitter. Exchange thoughts, value or ideas. I seriously don't care how much you like it that it's Friday or almost weekend!

God, I’ve got something to tell you…

The ultimate experience has happened... I can now speak to God directly. Millions of people have the feeling they can do that for years, and they actually come together every Sunday morning to do so, but they hope God is listening. Those people we call Catholics.

I got a direct line since this morning. Since I got the following message in my inbox:


So what do you have to say to God if you have a direct line to him...? What would you tell him? and are you really that confident God is a him? 


Like I was excited when Hammer started following me, but now, I'm super excited. But that puts the bar even higher, right. What's next? Michael Jackson will start following me, that's not excited, but rather scary.

The Future of Monetization on Twitter is…

Featured Tweets...? When will Twitter start with this?

After seeing this Tweet from Boris, I knew he is up to something. Boris is one of the founders of Twittercounter (full disclosure, I know Boris!).


Featured User spot on TwitterCounter is now sold out until April. Just increased the price, again, but requests keep coming. Amazing

Earlier this week, Boris Tweeted that the price of the featured spot on Twittercounter, currently $249 per week, would go up. From the site:

We receive a lot of requests from people who want to become a featured user so we decided to start charging to pay for our hosting costs. Being featured on all our pages gets you a lot of traffic and followers and can be an easy way to grow your online popularity.
We currently charge $249 a week to become a featured user and plan to increase that as we get more traffic and users. We currently track 1.1 million usernames and generate 11.000+ pageviews a day. The featured users is displayed on all pages at TwitterCounter.

The featured spot on Twitter counter is really simple, anybody who is featured can count on a huge increase of followers. After the week, you will be able to spam all these people with some affiliate crap or your sorry ass companies marketing message. Only to find out that the new followers have un-followed you after they get bored with all the crap that shows up in their feed.

Check out the growth in followers of the current featured Twitter profile, going from 248 to 547:


As long as you are willing to spend money on getting followers on Twitter, featured profile on Twittercounter or your own Twitter Adsense campaign, Just make sure you keep your followers by adding value to the conversation. Don't be a dick!

And if you do add value on Twitter, you will see that you start to build connections and get value out of the conversations. When the conversations become more insightful, you will see that more people start to follow you. and the best thing is; you did not even have to pay for these friends! This way you get value for the money you spend on getting the first couple of hundred followers by spending money on them.

Like in real life, you can pay for your friends, but if you don't have anything interesting to say, or if you are just plain boring, the friends will leave when the money is gone. But if you spend some money to get a couple of friends, and throw parties, even after the money is gone, these friends will stick around because they really like you!

Now go buy some more friends...

PS> It would be interesting to see a list of all the past featured profiles. Then you can track how much value these people have brought to the conversation just by looking at their # of followers. Did they loose them, or were they able to grow their tribe even faster?

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