Instant Twitter Feedback

Twitter can be very helpful in a world where SEO SERP’s are changing based on location, personal preferences or keyword search sequence. If you have a question, you can get Instant Twitter Feedback if you simple ask your question on Twitter.

I was very surprised to learn today, when I did a search for Black Hole SEO, that this site was ranking on the first page on At least for me it was ranking on #3…

Black Hole SEO SERP

As I was logged in, and was using my usual browser, Firefox, I quickly launched Chrome and did another search on This time, my post about Black Hole SEO was not ranking on #3, but lower on the page. Still the post was ranking on the first page of Google.

Instant Twitter Feedback Needed?

...Twitter to the Rescue...

As I had been Tweeting all day, I quickly fired a request on Twitter, with the hope more people could confirm what i was seeing:

Can anybody check if they see my blog: on P1 for this query:

And within minutes I had positive sightings from all around the US and the rest of the world. I got instant feedback on my question, where friends checked my request, and saw my blog post ranking on the first page for Black Hole SEO:

@Yoast: @TheNextCorner i do, but logged in and see your +1 (update;

@Basvandenbeld: @TheNextCorner its on 3 here (update;

@Neyne: @TheNextCorner yeah at #7 (update;

@KeriMorgret: @TheNextCorner number seven for me on an iPhone. (update;

@ToniCarr: @TheNextCorner #3 on the android tablet. Also shows that you shared it. (update;

@Jcolman: @TheNextCorner It was #3 for me. I +1'ed it, tho, so expect the "Colman Bump" to move you down to #4 reeeeeal soon. (update; Google profile)

@Olafdepolaf: @TheNextCorner check. Op plek 7 (update; linkedin profile)

Twitter Real Time Q&A

Through Twitter, you can get answers on questions in almost real time. But what is more interesting is that you can use this feedback also for more purposes. Like:

  • User testing. Does your website work in a different browser or Operating setting
  • Stimulate searches. If you rank high on a keyword, why not stimulate people to search for it
  • New RSS subscribers. When your followers don’t know you write a blog, they might start reading you on a regular basis.
  • And maybe more…

Anyways, it was fun for me to do a little experiment this afternoon to get Instant Twitter Feedback, and I thank the feedback givers with a simple link.. :)