Hummingbird The Next Twitter Scam

imageAnd yes, we are there. Twitter just landed its first one page marketing selling program scam. Hummingbird is offering you the "tools" the big brands are using. For a mere $197 you can purchase this program how to become popular on Twitter, and spam away.

 The producers of this piece of shit claim you can friend a lot of people with the software, and gain influence by building your network.

Through automatically friending people, the software expects all those people to friend you back. And according to the makers, this is how bid brands make millions of dollars!

This is what is claimed:

I took what I had learned and began developing a software program that quickly and easily distilled all of these secrets into a simple, easy to use tool that would literally auto-pilot me to the top of Twitter.

The software makes claim they gained 21.000 followers within 30 days. Just look at the graph below, which should be the Twittercounter graph of their account, compared to another Twitter power user, who invested at least 3 month of their time in building up their Twitter network.


This system must be working, not? 

Get you Business to the top spot:

  1. What's it worth to be able to instantly move tens of thousands of people to your sales? Literally I can tweet a link and get a few hundred hits within the minute.
  2. What's it worth to be able to time-warp past years of network building
    to become a Twitter Elite in a matter of days?
  3. Hummingbird has been sold exclusively for over $2000.00 to top marketers who have begged me to keep this a secret.

So what is the Hummingbird doing? And why is it such a "Success"

    1. Generate thousands of highly targeted followers hands free.
    2. No monthly fees, no recurring costs, unmatched performance.
    3. Free updates and Professional Marketing Resources.

Let's face it, the only person that Hummingbird brings success to is the seller of this "software" program. At $197 per package, you only have to sell a couple of them per week to sit on a beach and let the money roll in.

But this is definitely not sustainable. Hopefully this site will be out of business soon, as I really hate such lame scams.


  1. I stumbled across your post looking for opinions on Hummingbird – because it seems there are some pretty strong ones out there. Some (like yours) are bashing it for being a spamming tool, and others (such as in a forum I just visited) defend it by saying that following people on Twitter – which is essentially what the tool helps users do – is not a form of spam. I have to say I agree with the latter – how is following a bunch of people considered spam? I mean there’s no doubt some spammers might use Hummingbird to aid their spamming, but people use email to do the same thing (that doesn’t make email a scam tool). Based on your review I can’ts see any substantive reason why Hummingbird is a scam.

  2. I’m going to have to completely agree with the post by R3R. To be honest, before hummingbird i had around 1k followers… two months later i have over 40k .. how is this application any different then a banner ad, in the sense it shows people you exist.. it is up to them to bite. You should think about affiliating the program rather then pointlessly deeming it worthless.

  3. joe vela says:

    Hummingbird was a scam.. don’t waste your money

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    1. Generate thousands of highly targeted followers hands free.
    2. No monthly fees, no recurring costs, unmatched performance.
    3. Free updates and Professional Marketing Resources.
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