Great SEO people, Thomas aka Thos003

Did you ever wanted to get a black shirt with your quote on it just before a conference for you to wear? Just make sure you get on the good side of Thomas, aka Thos003. First time you meet, he will tell you he is killing bugs. No, not the bugs in software, but rather the real deal. Thomas is the SEO for a pest control company, Bulwark Extermination.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Florida for the BlueGlass conference in Fort Lauderdale. Thomas made me a shirt with a quote I used in a panel on SMX advanced in-house session. A few weeks after the SMX advanced in Seattle, Thomas asked me what the acronym was I used on the board. I figured he wanted to use it in some internal presentation, so I shared it on Twitter:

Thomas: @TheNextCorner What was that acronym you used for #SEO priorities?

Me: @Thos003 LUMPS > Links, URL's, Meta Tags, Page Content & Elements, Sitemaps

Little did I know he would had something else in mind; Thomas brought to Florida my own quote printed on a t-shirt! Check this out:

To show off in the office, I put on the t-shirt the  first day I got back from Florida. Posing in front of the eBay logo:

Black Shirt SEO via Thomas, aka Thos003


  1. Tho003 says:

    Your SEO acronym was fantastic. I was happy to put it on t t-shirt for you. Definitely t-shirt worthy. …In fact it was worthy of a few t-shirts, soooo there are a few others running around now with your acronym and your twitter handle on t-shirts.

  2. Dennis says:

    Thanks. We have used the acronym for a number of years already, and as a lot has changed in SEO over those years, some things never change!

    I would love to run into people wearing the shirt on a conference, and shake their hand!

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