The Great Gatsby at Airbnb

One of the great things at Airbnb, is that once every months, there is a formal Friday, which means the majority of the employees dress up in their best suits to make a smashing appearance. Flip Flops & Fleece will be thrown under the bed for one day. And once every quarter, a special theme is giving all those working at Airbnb the opportunity to put their best in impressing their colleagues. Today, with the launch of the new movie from Leonardo Di Caprio, after the book The Great Gatsby, the Formal Friday theme at Airbnb was: The Great Gatsby.

Usually, a theme Formal Friday also means all three founders of Airbnb are in San Francisco, and are dressing up like anybody else in the office. Airbnb is not such a formal company where the founders hide themselves in a private office. No, Brian Chesky, Joe Gabbia and Nathan Blecharczyk can be found in between all the other employees everyday. A perfect opportunity to shoot some pictures with them for the Formal Friday; The Great Gatsby...

Nathan Blecharczyk and Dennis Goedegebuure at Airbnb HQ

Nathan Blecharczyk and Dennis Goedegebuure at Airbnb HQ

Brian Chesky and Joe Zadeh (Joebot) at Airbnb HQ at The Great Gatsby Formal Friday

The Great Gatsby Formal Friday at Airbnb HQ with Brian Chesky and Joe Zadeh (Joebot).

Joe Gebbia Airbnb

Not only for The Great Gatsby formal Friday will Joe Gebbia; CPO for Airbnb, wear a bow tie. Many days on the week, not only on Fridays, Joe can be spotted with a bow tie dressed up!