Google+ and its Importance for Brand Searches

So many so called Internet Marketing experts have mis-qualified Google+ as a social experiment from the search company in Mountain View. What Google plus will turn out to be, is what you and I are making off it. Right now, it seems to be the environment where you would build up your own authority to be used to classify the value of your publications online.

So how would you use the Google Plus announcements in the knowledge graph box on branded searches for your company? Right, to push a certain message which is actual and important.

Case in point: the economic impact Airbnb is having on the New York City community. Can you imagine that the Airbnb guests over the last year spent more than $632 million dollar in over the different neighborhoods of New York? Where most hotel chains are concentrated in mid town Manhattan, Airbnb guests brought money into local neighborhoods like Astoria Queens, Bedford-Stuyvesant in Brooklyn or Lower East Side / Chinatown on Manhattan. And who would have expected that Harlem would be a neighborhood you would go, and stay with people in their house to avoid the usual tourist traps. When I first visited New York when I was 12, people told us to avoid Harlem or Queens all together! Fair enough, that was in the 80s.

So here is my advice. If you have something to say, and you have a valuable brand, make sure you publish a blogpost, and share it on your Google+ profile of your company. This  blog postwill show up right next to the brand search results.  Just check the latest Airbnb post on our G+ profile below here.

How to use Google plus in the knowledge graph

The best part of all of this: YOU CONTROL THE MESSAGE!!!