Google ads more personalized links into SERP’s

Google is now inserting even more personalized results into the real estate of the first result; prior visited pages within the domain. just see the screenshot for my search on eBay:


The interesting thing about these extra links is, they all go to a Google page where the redirect is explained:


Why is this interesting? I thought this is a really bad user experience.

What’s even more interesting, is that these links are visited by me, not through clicking on a link in Google Search index! I know for sure that I visited the DVD lot – find DVD Lot items for Sale on eBay! through a different browse path through the eBay site, rather than a search on Google.

This is important for the following reason: We already know that the search history is recorded by Google. We already know that browse behavior is recorded by Google.

From the Google Web history Privacy Notice (mark up by me):

  • Web History records information about the web pages you visit and your activity on Google, including your search queries, the results you click on, and the date and time of your searches in order to improve your search experience and display your web activity. Over time, the service may also use additional information about your activity on Google or other information you provide us in order to deliver a more personalized experience.

Web History uses the information described above to give you a more personalized search experience. This information will be securely transmitted to Google's servers and stored in association with your Google Account information in order to provide the service.

This is the first time I see the browse data being used in how the SERP’s are constructed to display more personalized results/browse history. Anybody seen this before?

So what’s next? Toolbar information that alters the whole index to show you a more personalized results set on the SERP?