Get Rich Quick Skype Spam

The Get Rich Quick scams are getting crazier and spamier. If you don't get crazy about the garbage ads on Google's or Facebook Network, eMail spam or Twitter spam, now you can expect spam through Skype.

I just received the following message from somebody who is not in my network:


How are you today?  Has the economic recession affected your life in any way? 
I know many people who lost their jobs or are experiencing low volumes in there small businesses, and they are looking for a way out.
If you know some too then I would like to share something with you that might help them create a new reality.
Most people are looking for a way out of the situation but they just don't know of any, or they heard of some but didn't really give the proper attention to learn more about it.
If you had the tool to help them, would you invest an hour of your time to learn how to do that?
If the answer is yes, then you are a good friend, and an open minded one.
I invite you to learn about a business model that works, and that can help any one who chooses to generate some extra income or even a whole new lifestyle.
If you would like to learn more then contact me.


Obviously I didn't respond to the MoFo. This guy went on my block list immediately and reported abuse.