On Parenting, School Policy and Avoiding Diabetici

Seriously I don't get certain parents. If school policy says "no sugar allowed in school" why do you bring cupcakes for your sons birthday.
Deyan cannot have sugar, and if he does eat it, eventually he can become a diabetic. No fun!

So don't expect me to help you carrying 2 trays of cupcakes into the school for your sons birthday, and don't expect me to keep my mouth shut about you breaking school policy!

I'm an example for my kids, helping you with your sugar loaded treats, would be a direct smack in the face for my son.

  • How would he be able to trust me moving forward if I bring him in direct danger?
  • How would he be expected to follow the rules if I, his dad, am breaking the school rules?
  • What example are we setting for our kids if we believe kids with dietary restrictions should be denied a treat, while others are all enjoying the cupcake.

I understand its a disappointment for your son, but you can throw him a party, and serve cupcakes, candy, soda etc. I will be happy to decline the invitation.

My main concern is to prevent D becoming a diabetic patient. With a strict diet, we have a chance to prevent this as long as possible, which is hard enough with today's kids menus in restaurants.

So don't mind if I don't give a damn about the 1 day your son is disappointed for not bringing cupcakes to school! We have to deal with D's disappointment every day! Deal with it, you can to...How about you take those Sugar loaded cupcakes back home...


PS, I didn't even go into the correlation of sugar levels, corn syrup and bad nutrition and the rising obesity among kids.

What’s for Dinner; Job Interview

The way Airbnb is taking care of its employees is amazing. What is even more fun, is that I just participated in the best interviewing of a candidate ever. How about you're being asked to be part of the last round of interviews of a candidate for the position of Sous Chef at Airbnb, and the interview round consist of eating a specially prepared dinner by the candidate. Obviously, the interviewee would like to be hired, so will be pulling all the best tricks out of his/her book. This just happened to me today, where you can see what I just had for dinner below here. The names of the candidate have been changed to protect the innocent.

So tonight I had a California/Asian Dinner with:

  • Arugula Salad, with Shaved Carrot, Pine Nut, Candied Coconut with Miso Dressing
  • Korean Style BBQ Beef; Beef, Garlic, Tamari, Sugar, Sesame oil and Green Onion
  • Curried Quinoa; Sauteed Onion, Black Bean and Butternut Squash
  • Sauteed Nappa Cabbage; with Rainbow Carrot & Ginger Sauce

Airbnb dinner - interviewing a candidate for Sous chef position

Doesn't it look wonderful? It tasted delicious. I immediately volunteered to be on the interview panel for the next candidates. I was feeling like a judge of the TV-Show Top-Chef.

But even the Popcorn at Airbnb is great!This is Popcorn Airbnb style!

Popcorn Airbnb Style

I explained before that we take our food program really serious! Today we had Truffle and Nutritional Yeast Popcorn, and Chili and Lime Popcorn.YUM!


First Time Five Guys

For everything is a first time. Couple of years ago, there was my first time In 'N Out, where I still enjoy now and then from a nice DoubleDouble. And as In'N Out is primarily California based, and now slowly branching out to the rest of the US, so are other burger joints coming to California. I heard about Five Guys from the east coast before, and now there has just a Five Guys opened in San Jose around the corner.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries in San Jose

I ordered the Bacon Cheeseburger. The burgers are custom made, so it takes a little longer before you have your food than in a normal fast food joint.

Bacon Cheeseburger by Five Guys

Five Guys Burger & Fries

Häagen-Dazs Amaretto Almond Crunch

How is that possible, making your ice-cream so tasteful that I eat the whole bucket in one go. This is definitely not good for anybody who would like to get back in shape and loose some unnecessary weight, (although it’s not much I would need to loose).


Fantastic Chinese Food

The food is fantastic. If we are going to a Dim Sum place, eat dumplings, Cantonese food or whatever. Food is a big thing for the Chinese and they usually order a great number of different dishes which are all shared around the table. The diner is a social event, where you can really talk with the people. How different than in the US, where sometimes you are in and out a restaurant in barely 25 minutes.

Dumplings. These were especially good in this restaurant. It won several awards, and I had never had such good Dim Sum.


Fish-head soup


Deep fried fish, tasty…


Cold chicken dish in red sauce. It looks hot and spicy, but was mild and very good.


Ultra hot dish. Shrimps with vegetables in red hot peppers. You are not supposed to eat the peppers, as you will be on fire!


Sam’s Bar-B- Que

image In San Jose, there is a great place for BBQ meat: Sam’s Bar-B-Que. For sure worth it to check out the grill and see what meat is put on the Barbeque.

Great place to go have lunch when some colleagues from Europe are in town. It’s not that far from the office, so ready for some Ribs..? Just check out that menu:

Sam's BBQ menu

The whole table took the Sampler Combo, in which you can choose between 3 sorts of different meat from the barbeque. The men of Mettsalat would have been proud!

Sampler Combo Ribs

Here you see the baby back ribs, the beef ribs and the BBQ beef, with garlic bread, potato salad and  chili.

eat meat like an animal

You almost are going to eat like an animal. At least I still have my fork and knife in my hands. You can eat with your hands here!

And then after 20 minutes, the plate of meat was gone… only bones left…

Only bones left

So if you see this sign, stop behind this nice establishment en saddle up for some nice BBQ meat.

Sam's Bar-B-Que

You can find Sam’s Bar-B-Que at:

1110 South Bascom Avenue, San Jose, CA 95128, (408) 297-9151