Facebook Ads, Not Successful

At least not for me...

As I have been writing to go try to score some extra cash with Facebook Ads, I have to report back that I miserably failed! Although Shoemoney is making money with Facebook Ads, this does not mean everybody can do it! As I don't have the time to invest more in the optimization of my campaigns, I leave the money making on Facebook Ad system to the Pro's and much more experienced affiliate superstars.

I had two main campaigns targeted at The Netherlands. Although one ex-colleague who now works at Facebook already said it was not worth it, as Hyves is too dominant locally, I still wanted to try it out on a small scale.

Valentines Day

With Valentines Day coming up, I thought it would be a brilliant move to score some affiliate cash with flower services. Can you imagine the service you deliver, helping all those men on Facebook to remember they actually make sure to order flowers!

Below are my results:


San Francisco

And for my San Francisco Tips site, in Dutch, I tried just two possible ads with some targeting. As I know from previous years, January to April is the season for the Dutch to research, plan and book their summer holiday trip. As the Euro is still strong against the Dollar, and airline tickets are getting cheaper, I thought it was a good plan to try to send some extra traffic to this site.

Below are the results:


To bad that I did not get any conversion out of the 51 clicks of my Valentines Day campaign.

Facebook Ads the Way to Make Money?

I still believe if you put a lot of time and effort in your campaigns, you will be able to make some money with the Facebook Ad platform. The targeting capabilities are amazing, and you can pretty much narrow your audience down to local ad campaigns.

Next to that, the people behind the platform (Alex), and the people who are using it successfully (Shoemoney) are smart enough to know what they are talking about. I fully trust that Facebook will be able to build out the next Adsense in the coming years. If only the advertisement spending is keeping up, to fund the growth in the network and in Facebook the company.

I simply have other priorities right now!