Compete Just deleted my Credits

WTF, this makes me mad! I bought a bunch of Compete credits a couple of months ago. I was using these until recently for some search analytics. But as my credits were limited, I was careful to use these only when I really needed.

This morning, trying to pull some data, I got the following message:


Nobody told me the credits I bought would expire on some date. Do these credits go bad after the expiration date? Are Compete credits like Milk, after a couple of days you better throw them away...!

I feel like I have been asked to bend over and drop the soap. Compete really acts like one of those cell phone providers, you get roll over minutes, but they expire 30 days from now!

In June I received an email explaining the new Compete Pro:

While the actual subscription length will be based on your credit balance as of June 29th, based on your current balance of 465 credits you will receive 6 months of access to Compete Pro - a value of 1800 dollars. After this period, you may chose to sign on for any of our Pro subscriptions, or simply let the trial period expire and access the site as a regular MyCompete member.

In the email, there was a hint that not everything you got for free at that point would stay for free:

Note: Everything on that is currently available for free will stay that way!

But I paid for those credits... and I get nothing back from it. They are just taken away. Way to go Compete...

I sent the following email to the Compete contact department:


I purchased Compete credits some month ago.
until recently, these credits showed up under my account, and I could pull reports from compete based on the credits I still had available.
This morning I logged in, and there are no credits showing.

Can you explain me what the reason is for the credits removal? I would like to know if there is any compensation on unused credits.

Thank you

Let's see what happens.