Christmas Sweaters Hit The Big Times

For two years, I've been following the Ugly Christmas Sweater craze, as it was growing in popularity to throw an Ugly Christmas Sweater party. I just got a message on Twitter that News cable shows are now "discovering" the Ugly Christmas Sweater craze as an item for their morning show: see that NW Cable News sweater event? When a "style" makes it to the pacific NW, it's hit the big time.

Christmas Sweater Tweet I responded that my traffic on this blog for Ugly Christmas Sweaters is going through the roof. The season for the Tacky Christmas Jumper has never been this big! See the daily traffic for the last year on this site for posts with Christmas in the title (which are only a few, majority around the Ugly Christmas Sweater parties).

Sweater traffic

Here is the item on the NWCN News website:

It Proofs that there is business in buying these Sweaters in the second hand stores, and selling these on eBay for a profit! Or make these yourself off course!

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