Bring Back The Eighties

Do you remember the Eighties? I guess you have to be born at least in the early seventies to actually remember what I will be talking about here. I guess you can pick up all the cues if you have been a fan of old eighties movies like The Breakfast Club, Porky’s or Ghostbusters. If you are born in the early eighties, I guess you will be up for a revival one day of the good old days of my childhood. All trends repeat itself, which is why I never throw away cloths. One day my old jackets and pants will come into fashion again. As long as I don’t wear these when they are out of fashion, LOL!

 breakfastclub ghostbusters

Apart of all the memories of the TV shows, the fashion and the crazy outfits, just remember the jackets with the big shoulders! One thing always comes into mind when thinking back at the eighties; The Hair! Feathered Hair for the women was THE way to go out! The taller the hair the better.

And as I already said earlier in the post, we are up for a revival of the tall hair. Today I saw a commercial of a women's hair product; Bumpits, Big Happy Hair. Just watch the video… (if you can sit out the whole 8.31 minutes, I respect you).

According to their website;

Watch out HSN and The Big Idea, Here we come! This perfect hair volumizing insert began to exist in my mind 13 years ago as I dreamed it up.....let me start at the beginning... Ever since I was three years old I wanted to do hair and make women feel pretty, In 1994 I had a small beauty shop of my own. I loved to style ladies hair....and discovered I was very good at the "Bumping it up" part!

Ladies of all ages came into my salon and asked the same thing after I teased (Bumped) their hair in the crown....."Show me how to do it?" I would show them time after time, but usually I was met with the same statements of frustration "I cant get the volume!" " I can't do it like that", or "It doesn't stay when I do it!"

One day I created a solution... an easy to use hidden leave in volumizing insert... "Bumpits"! But I did not act on it until May, 2007.

Yes, we are back where we begun, the big feathered hair will be back in style soon… Just compare the two images below, and find the differences… (hint, one is from 20 years ago!)



  1. mark says:

    hey dennis! so right! wait untill the big shoulder suits are coming back! theirry mugler (they just launched the collection again) all the way!
    cu M

  2. Dennis says:

    I can’t wait until I can get all my old cloths from the Eighties from the basement!
    This just made me wonder what else was hot in the Eighties, I think i will write a story about it!