Best SEO image I’ve ever seen

As an in-house SEO I always have work in training and explaining SEO to other folks in the company. We usually try to use existing examples of our own site how we rank, how the pages are displayed and how we can improve.

Explaining how the Page Title Tag, the Meta Description and the URL can have a big influence on the rankings and if the result is inspiring to click on is sometimes a challenge.

But today I found a perfect example of how you can simply explain it through an image:

SEO explanation of Title & Meta description

Original picture can be found here: Thesis Tutorial | SEO for Everyone


  1. Jason says:

    Some people still wont get it!

  2. Dennis says:

    You are right, some people will still ignore all the positive ROI stories or upside potential, just because they are “too busy and too important”

  3. Simple and to-the-point, just like SEO should be.

  4. This is a great example but like Jason said you will still get people scratching their heads.

  5. Nik Kamboj says:

    Totally agree. It says it all..

  6. DoubleMule says:

    Thanks Dennis. We’re glad you liked the image, and it’s with much appreciation we’ve noticed your attribution of source. Nice theme!

    1. Dennis says:

      What can I say, it’s an awesome image.
      I always attribute where credit is due.
      Keep up the good work.


  7. Totally agree with you all seo person tale me same like u.

  8. Shortex says:

    Thank u very much for sharing a exp.

  9. Derek Kean says:

    Very good picture. One thing I would do to supplement this is to Bolden “your” and put a search box above with “your” in it. This highlights what words are searched and related to your keywords in the text. May help simplify or add another level of description.