Sunday Smoothie 2: Berry Season

The Sunday Smoothie: Strawberry – Blueberry Smoothie

End of July beginning of August is Berry Season. With fresh organic Strawberries and Blackberries available on the farmers market, today’s Sunday Smoothie is all about the berries.

Ingredients: Strawberries, Blueberries, Banana, Basil & Ice Cubes.

strawberry-blueberry-smoothie 002

For a little extra flavor and the vitamin B we are throwing a Banana in this pure berry smoothie.

strawberry-blueberry-smoothie 008

The only ingredient is crushed ice cubes and some leaves fresh Basil.


The Basil leaves are not only used in this smoothie for the taste it gives, but also for the specific healing properties Basil possesses: antispasmodic,  soothing digestive, antibacterial, antidepressant, adrenal gland stimulant.

strawberry-blueberry-smoothie 013

A wonderful healthy vitamin shot for the Sunday Smoothie today: Strawberry – Blueberry Smoothie.

strawberry-blueberry-smoothie 014

For more smoothies, I recommend the Smoothies Bible:


  1. Guru6969 says:

    That smoothie looks fantastic, lots of b12