Dear AT&T,

I want to let you know how much YOU SUCK! Let me tell you why I think you Suck Balls big time!

You suck for these reasons:

  • The phone reception coverage is really bad! Even in a place like San Jose, close to one of your main partners in Mobile phone technology, you fail to extend a reliable service.
  • You miscalculated the data usage of smart phone users, and in particular iPhone users, so you decided to raise the level of mandatory data package fees to ALL iPhone users.
  • You reroute traffic to my sites, and don’t deliver the request at all, if my sites happen to be on a GoDaddy hosting environment.
  • You sue one of your rivals who have the balls to speak the truth. Verizon is right, and I love the Ad campaign: There’s a Map for That! The AT&T coverage in California SUCKS! And for that, my dearest AT&T, YOU SUCK!!!

There is a map for that

Just recently you have sued Verizon over an advertising campaign that brought the poor coverage of your network to the public. Can you honestly look into the mirror and tell yourself this isn’t the truth? Although the dispute is about some maps of the 3G coverage of your network in the US, I can tell you how bad my phone reception is in my house. And it’s not that I live in the middle of no-where! I live in a 10 miles radius of your biggest data pusher you are addicted too: APPLE.

Dear AT&T. I think it is almost time for an intervention. You are so pre-occupied with the image that is painted about you in the media concerning your 3G net or Wifi coverage, that you completely forget to invest in the people that actually make you more money; the people that place phone calls. These people have bought a phone to be reachable. Just think of the basics first, and do that good! Make these customers happy, and they probably will be willing to pay even more for data coverage in 3G, upgrading to iPhone and spending that extra amount of money on data services.

Taken from your Network fact sheet, you must have spend all that money you’ve earned with the early success with the iPhone on the wrong things…

Between 2005 and the end of this year, AT&T will have invested more than $20 billion to expand and enhance the scope and capability of its wireless network to deliver “more bars in more places.” This ongoing investment continues to increase coverage, ensure high levels of reliability and offer advanced wireless data services to more parts of the country and more customers.

I’m not sure if this also applies to the cell phone reception, but I don't really care anymore. This morning I had an hour conference call with my offices in Europe, and the line was disconnected 17 times. 17 times I had to call back in and apologize for dropping…!!! And when I did speak, my colleagues could hardly hear me as the line was that bad.  I felt a little nostalgic, as if I needed to keep my phone in a certain direction to make sure I WOULD have reception. Just like the old days watching TV, holding the antenna in a certain zone in the air to make sure you could follow the end of that movie which was broadcasted over the open air.

Publishing an ego PR message on your own self promoting Media News Room, how much you invested in 2009 on 3G Wireless coverage, does not impress me at all! I would rather get better cell phone reception coverage in my area, so that I can have a decent phone conversation, than that you invest in some network which I definitely do not need in and around my house.

Just 1 hours ago, I wanted to show my new design on a site that is hosted with Godaddy. As I waited in vain on the feedback of one of the people in my network I have high regards for, the feedback I got was unpleasant.

I can’t reach your site, it says: “Network Timeout”

Nice! Not only my traffic profile of the sites which I might want to sell are ruined because of the unresponsiveness, but my own reputation as well! Ok, it’s my bad I did not check if the domain I send through Skype was not having any issues with regards to site speed or even reliable webhosting. But still… My website should be available for all people surfing the web, not only non-AT&T customers. So what about all the revenue that I’m loosing. Who is going to be responsible for this FUCK UP?

And when I searched on Twitter for any news, I saw this message:


So how am I to call this special service number with a cell phone that is serviced with AT&T, where this company does not support the proper reception in my neighborhood?

Dear AT&T, I honestly can say, you have one of the worst customer experiences ever! If it wasn’t for the free phone calls within network, and my company carries you as the main cell phone service, I would have dropped you, kicked you to the curve, dumped you, deserted you without even looking back.

But you have me and many more in your clutches, which must makes you think you can get away with all of this shit and makes you feel powerful. But just remember… What goes around… Comes around….

So now that I’ve written the frustrations out of myself, I’m thinking how I’m going to get this published on my blog. Damn you AT&T!


  1. Chandler Stone says:

    I also hate AT&T
    I maybe have to try for 15-30 minutes to send 1 fucking message…
    just one..

  2. you says:

    you suck

  3. susan smith says:

    Why Am I in breach of contract and must pay you to end my contract when I get no service. Dropped calls idiots in customer service no help just assholes class action lawsuit comes to mind.YOU SUCK ATT.

  4. Jon says:

    Glad I’m not the only one….AT&T = Shit…..I’m stuck in a two year contract with them and what do i get? Dropped calls, crappy service, unable to send messages, slow useless internet, and a phone bill that I will have to put my new born up for sale to pay!

    1. Dennis says:

      You wonder how long AT&T will get away with the poor service, poor network coverage and high prices.
      But then again, if you look at alternatives, these are not good either.
      Consumers are being held hostage.

  5. Bond James says:

    for the last month or so I’ve been having voice mail problems. I depend on my cell phone to see if I work the next day or not. I called the 800 number and I spoke to a lady who was cluless to what I was saying. I though that she was very rude to me by talking while I was talking and blaming me for not getting my voice mail. I’ll be more than happy to leave the buttheads from At&t when my contract expires in December. In every mager market they score the worst of any wireless carrier, according to Consumer Reports. I would also would not recommend the BlackBerry smart phone. I’ve had nothing but problems with the device.